The best alternative TV Series like Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a television series certainly an absolute phenomenon. Hardly any other series receives such good reviews, it is so popular with the fans and is so complex twisted as the fantasy series based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. But what to do if you have already seen all the episodes? Is there series that work just like Game of Thrones? What are the best alternatives? We have searched and collected ten series that are worthwhile to watch.

What makes a series like Game of Thrones ever so popular? And what alternative series can compete at this level? In addition to the gloomy, dirty medieval, which a typical fantasy story rather runs counter, should especially the political power games and intrigues, the strong, credible characters and the relentless tension play a role. Yet there are series like Game of Thrones that work well here in a similar fashion. In the article you will find our selection of the best 10 series, which are like or at least similar to GoT.

Our selection of the best 10 TV series like Game of Thrones is ranked from 1 to 10, they all are absolutely worth seeing. In addition to the medieval setting of Game of Thrones, we especially paid attention to alternatives, that they like just known by GoT and popular, broach, power plays and political intrigues. It starts with the top 10 of the series' like Game of Thrones ":

1. House of Cards

Set in modern Washington, House of Cards is no less exciting. Specifically, it is about the MPs Frank Underwood, a charismatic power mongers, the stripping moves with his charismatic and woman in the background of the Democratic Party and thereby shrinks neither from intrigues before murder.

If you have interested in GoT particularly the power struggles and intrigues, House of Cards is an absolute must. House of Cards is a Netflix original series and currently available in three seasons.

2. The Sopranos

Just like Game of Thrones, The Sopranos also from HBO. However, a few years earlier: the Mafia series ran on the pay-TV channel between 1999 and of 2007. A total of 21 Emmys and five Golden Globes speak for themselves. In imdb series boasts very good 9.2 stars.

The gambling in Ney Jersey, contemporary series tells the story around the mob boss Tony Soprano, his family and the dirty business with organized crime. All six seasons are available at Amazon * , ITunes * and max cathedrals *.

3. The Borgias

Italy, 15th century, and thus not far away from Game of Thrones: The Borgias. Rodrigo Borgia is a powerful Patriarch, on his way to Rome title. He is anything but a moral watchdog. He considers himself a mistress and has several illegitimate children. He reached only through fraud and bribery.

The series aired from 2011 onwards in three seasons and comes on very good 7.9 stars at imdb. The Borgias is regarded as the unofficial successor to be considered for The Tudors, another interesting series, which we want to devote ourselves in the next section. All three seasons are available at iTunes *

4. The Tudors

The Tudors is, as I said, the unofficial predecessor to The Borgias. The Elizabethan age, or shortly before Elizabeth's reign and geographically history series in compliance with not too closely to the historical facts but interpret them quite freely: Henry VIII kills his way through medieval England.

The historical drama was aired from 2007, overall there are four seasons available that you can watch at Netflix, Amazon * , ITunes * and max cathedrals *.

5. Sons of Anarchy

Just as the Underwood-pair with House of Cards on Macbeth and his wife, Sons of Anarchy inspired by Hamlet. In the drama series, however, it is not to political intrigues, but a fictional motorcycle gang, the Sons of Anarchy.

It shows the struggle between the leader and the protagonist of the story, Jackson Teller, who is also a father. A total of seven seasons were broadcast from 2008-2014. All of which you can watch at Max Cathedrals, Amazon and iTunes online.

6. Mad Men

Mad Men is a drama series, which is also, more specifically in the 1960s, settled in the past. It tells the story of the mysterious hero Don Draper woman who works in an advertising agency “Sterling Cooper”. The heavy smoker brings numerous advertising contracts on board for the company - in the course of the series, which consists of a total of seven seasons, his dark past is rolled.

Mad Men just manages very well, reflect the zeitgeist and the social and political developments in the United States of the 60s and is regarded by many as one of the best drama series ever. All seven seasons are currently available at Amazon. *

7. Homeland

Homeland was recently in the media, because some graffiti, in Arabic, which were to be seen in the series, had different meanings than was planned by the creators. The CIA Associate Carrie Mathison has information that a US- Soldier of terrorists in Iraq turned over, was so drawn to her side. In this it is to concern the former naval Nicholas Brody. The story takes its course ... and currently running Season. 5

While the series has a lot of positive criticism and IMDb rating of 8.5 stars, and it is all exciting, but you should always keep these points in mind while looking - some actions are from a European perspective, as it is almost customary for the "war on terror" by now, not completely comprehensible. You can watch all five seasons at Amazon * , Max Cathedrals * and iTunes * ,

8. Vikings

The Viking tells the story of Ragnar Lodbrok, one of the best-known legendary Norse heroes. He is indeed a historic person, the series, however, is based roughly on historical facts. Are discussed political infighting, the customs of the Vikings and the first attacks on England - issues that are likely to look for Game-of-Thrones fans.

From Vikings there are currently three seasons, a fourth is planned. All three of them are currently available at Amazon. *

9. Spartacus

Spartacus rejects any action of teamwork, as the name already implies, also a historical person, in compliance with but still much less to the facts as Vikings. If you like mindless carnage, the action series can definitely watch.

Most episodes of the series are, not surprisingly in the violence, it consists of three squadrons and a shorter prequel season that available at Netflix, Maxdome * , Amazon * and iTunes *.

10. The Newsroom

The Newsroom is one of our favorite TV series. It tells the story of a fictional ACN Networks cable transmitter. Will McAvoy attempts after a large part of his workforce changes to another program to build a news format that focuses on quality and investigative journalism.

The HBO series can stream in via Amazon * , ITunes * and max cathedrals. *


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