The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone All / Secret Achievements overview

The first expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is called Hearts of Stone and the developer CD Projekt RED has packed a full 10 hours Contents and numerous funny and exciting moments in the extension. And that's not all, in addition to the content you can back up some successes, achievements and accomplishments again this time you purely depends right in Hearts of Stone. Read here what you should do in order to master the new add-ons.

There are 13 new achievements in Hearts of Stone to win. Five of them are rather general, but the remaining eight are secret achievements and included perhaps in the title or description some spoilers. Therefore, we have listed these achievements in a separate table. All successes lend Bronze Trophies.

- Return to Sender: Kill three enemies with their own arrows - 35 Gamerscore points
- Killed It: Win a match with a final strength of 187 Gwent or more - 50 Gamerscore points
- Wild Rose Dethorned: kill all rebel knights and loot their camp - 35 Gamerscore points
- Can Quit Anytime I Want: Choose the effects of up to seven potions at once - 35 Gamerscore points
- I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool: Gather all Ofieri armor clothes and horse accessories and carry at least one sword of this style - 50 Gamerscore points

Spoiler Warning!

These eight secret achievements will only be revealed when have completed certain missions. They could also include minor spoilers, for example, references to certain events or villains.

- Curator of nightmares: Restore all of Iris nightmares in the Painted World - 35 Gamerscore points
- Rad Steez, Bro!: slide down for somewhere at least 10 seconds - 35 Gamerscore points
- Pacta sunt servanda: Finish Hearts of Stone expansion - 35 Gamerscore points
- When It's Many Against One: Defeat all the nightmares of Iris simultaneously! - 50 Gamerscore points
- I'm Not Kissing That: Kill the toad - 35 Gamerscore points
- Shopaholic: Grab all the items in the auction - 35 Gamerscore points
- Let the Good Times Roll: Participate in all Wedding activities - 35 Gamerscore points
- Moo-rderer: Slaughter 20 cows - 35 Gamerscore points