The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: Shani / Geralt romance details

In The Witcher 1 Shani was a potential lover of Geralt and even the main competitor to Triss Merigold! Now it has been confirmed that Shani will be there in the upcoming DLC (Hearts of Stone) for Witcher and also pose a romance option!

Shani at a glance:

Full name: Shani
Birthplace: Vizima
Age: Unknown, but still quite young
Profession: Medical Examiner
Character: Clever, brave, vigorous, pragmatic, loyal, protective


- Very efficient healer with helper complex.
- Has a truly beastly grandmother in Vizima
- Veteran of the Battle of Brenna
- Triss Merigold rivalry
- Will quickly jealous when other women are present.
- Has perhaps a grudge against Geralt.

The Witcher 3: Shani and the Sorcerer

Shani and Geralt first met each other in the university town Oxenfurt when Geralt looked there for traces about the mysterious assassin, who were after his stepdaughter Ciri. Here, the two come quickly approaching because Geralt seems to have a great passion for redheads and Shani was probably fascinated by the aura of animalistic witcher.

At the end of the two end up in bed and be rude of Geralt's sidekick and Nerve sage Larkspur interrupted when this - on the run from Dijkstra's henchmen - enter through the window and thus ruined everything.

Shani heroine

Later Shani Geralt and Dandelion could help to make the villain behind the attacks on Ciri and render them harmless. Geralt was moved further and Shani continued her medical studies in Oxenfurt undisturbed continued.

Until the second war against Nilfgaard culminated in the Battle of Brenna and Shani had to serve as a medic in the field hospital under the famous surgeon Milo "Rusty" Vanderbeck. They grabbed proficient with many wounded and rescued life. They also learned there the valuable advice "always sew Red with red and white with white, then it will work out!" - A wisdom that they will later pass on to their students.

The Witcher 3: Shani and Vizima crisis

Shani and Geralt reunion, Shani had completed her studies and started to work as a doctor in Santa marjoram Hospital in Vizima. She lives in the townhouse with her grumpy grandmother and Geralt must come up with outlandish excuses to come in.

Later Shani organized a celebration at which all get drunk on the private property of the grandmother. Then it comes back at a rendezvous with Shani and this time Larkspur sparks between them.

Trouble with Shani!

But yet Geralt can continue the relationship with Shani if he decides to give the orphan boy Alvin rather than Triss in her care during the game. Shani does not trust the magician and is also jealous!

I The Witcher 1, after the events of Foltest king of Temeria clamped and Geralt neglected his relationship with Shani they separated before the start of The Witcher 2.