TLOZ: Tri Force Heroes Lobby Easter Egg / Farming Rupees

Nintendo has incorporated a little secret Easter Egg for you in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, by which you send on a musical tour. In addition, you get additional rupees that can invest in costumes. How do you find the Easter Egg, we show you in the following.

Lobby Easter Egg "Music Ball Mini-Game''

If you are in the "Castle", you must do two things:

- Go to the online lobby and connect to the Internet. During the waiting period, you have the option to trigger the Easter Egg.
- Then go to the left or right wall. Use this shoulder button. This falls a lilac ball from the ceiling.

With your sword you have the ball in the air as long as possible. Each hit triggers a melody that is known to you from the Zelda games.

Farming Rupees

In addition to the musical tour of the Zelda universe, you also get Rupees. After every tenth hit with a sword you will be rewarded with one of the gems. It may happen that the ball in one place goes up and down. If you pass this, you need only the push-button. Considering at the mini-game that the ball is getting faster, the longer you keep it up. Once you play the Easter Egg in threes, the mini-game is even easier. At the end you have to divide the earned rupees among you.