TLOZ: Tri Force Heroes - Unlock all 36 Costumes

To unlock all 36 costumes in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, you need a lot of currency and materials. The necessary raw materials you can obtain in two ways: you fight your way through dungeons and you will receive them as a reward after completion of the mission, or you can buy some of them from a shop. Either way you need a lot of currency for the costumes. How you get them, we’ll show you below.

The following list shows all 36 costumes, their abilities and the necessary raw materials.

Hero's Tunic: This costume you will get at the start of the game and it has no special ability.

Cursed Tights: It has the ability "Taking double damage from enemies", "possible dodging enemy attacks." But you don’t need materials, because this costume you will get if you've played through the game.

Tri Suit: If all three players wear this dress something strange happened as you will find a lot hearts and rupees frequently. For this, you need needs friendly token x5 and 300 rupees.

Lady's Ensemble: While wearing this you will receive heart +1 bar and to unlock you need 1 Lady’s Glasses, 1 Lady’s Collar, 1 Lady Parasol.

Timeless Tunic (8-bit Style): This costume activates the 8-bit style music. To get it, you need friendly token x3 and 100 Rupees.

Big Bomb Outfit: Enhances your bombs and requires Armos Spirit x 1, Tektite Shell x 1 and 100 rupees.

Kokiri Garment: Gives you the ability to use up three arrows simultaneously. To unlock you need Blob Jelly x 1, Armos Spirit x 1 and100 Rupees.

Legendary Dress: Increases the probability that the heart emerge. To unlock you need Tektite Shell x 1, Sweet Mushroom x1 and 200 Rupees.

Lucky Loungewear: This costume allows dodging enemy attacks and requires Sweet Mushroom x 1, Blin-Blind x 1, Gohma's Eye x1 and 200 Ruppes.

Torrent Robe: Enhances water rod. To get it, you need Fresh Kelp x2, Hytopian Silk x1, Aqua Crown x1 and 600 rupees.

Zora Costume: Allows you to swimming faster and to attack enemies in the water. To unlock you need Fresh Kelp x 1, Zora Scales x 1 and 400 rupees.

Jack of Hearts: Your heart gets +1 bar if you have unlocked it with the help of Hytopian Silk x1, Octorok Sucker x1, Fairy Dust x1 and 600 rupees.

Goron Garb: Makes you resistant to fire and lava. To unlock you need Goron Ore x1, Monster Guts x1 and 600 rupees.

Energy Gear: Items consume 50% less energy. To unlock you need Monster Guts x1, Demon Fossil x1, Kodongo Tail x1, Keese Wing x1 and 800 rupees.

Boomerang Garment: Reinforced Boomerang. For the costume requires Goron Ore x1, Demon Fossil x1, Rugged Horn x1 and 800 rupees.

Cozy Parka: Stable stand on ice. To unlock you need Fluffy Fuzz x1, Serpent Fangs x1 and 800 rupees.

Hamm Wear: Reinforced Hammer and needed Tiny Snowflake x1, Crimson Shell x1, Freezard Water x1, Chill Stone x1 and a whopping 1000 rupees.

Cactus Suit: Harm to the opponent if the reach you. For the costume you need Supple Leaf x1, Thornberry x1 and 1000 rupees.

Tingle Tights: Allows you to fall three times into an abyss without losing life. To unlock you need Fluffy Fuzz x1, Tiny Snowflake x1, Freezard Water x1 and 1000 rupees.

Sword Suit (Knight's tunic): At full life bar your sword is twice as strong. For the costume you need Stiff Puff x1, Silver Thread x1, Royal Ring x1 and 1000 rupees.

Rupee Regalia: Opponents and objects left more rupees. Unlock with Royal Ring x1, Antique Coin x1, Fancy Fabric x1 and 1200 rupees.

Cheetah Suit: You can run faster. For the costume requires Divine Whiskers x1, Beastie Patch x1, Brittle Papyrus x1 and 1500 rupees.

Queen of Hearts: Gain +3 heart bars available and Mystery Jade x1, Fairy Dust x1, Star Fragment x1, Exquisite Lace x1 and 1,200 rupees.

Dunewalker Duds: No sinking in quicksand. Requires Palm Cone x1, Ancient Fin x1, Stal Skull x1 and 1200 rupees.

Wind Magic Robe: Increases the gusts of wind by secret material, requires Vintage Linen x1, Gibdo Bandage x1, Sandy Ribbon x1 and 1500 rupees.

Light Armor: Brightens the environment. To unlock you need Currumpkin x1, Spider Silk Lace x1, Poe Soul x1 and 1200 rupees.

Ninja Gi: Triple damages at Sprint attack. To unlock you need Rainbow Coral x1, Ancient Fin x1, Vintage Linen x1, Gibdo Bandage x1, Stal Skull x1 and 1500

Fire Blazer: Increases fire gloves and able to shoot 3 fireballs at a time. For this costume you need Mystery Extract x1, Twisted Twig x1, Lava Drop x1 and 1500 rupees.

Serpent's Toga: Petrified at standstill. You need Ice Rose x1, Carrumpkin x1, Mystery Extract x1, Poe Soul x1, Twisted Twig x1 and 1500 rupees.

Showstopper: Lures opponents. Requires Vibrant Brooch x1, Pretty Plume x1, Mock Fairy x1, Aurora Stone x1 and 2000 rupees.

Sword Master Suit: Double strength and range of sword attacks. The costume is unlocked with Golden Insect x1, Gold Dust x1, Fabled Butterfly x1 and 2000 rupees.

Cheer Outfit: Energy of companions increases by 50%. For this you need Frilly Fabric x3 and 100 rupees.

Spin Attack Attire: Pressing three times the push-button for a quick spin attack. To get the costume needs to giveaway Crystal Skull x1, Sanctuary Mask x1, Steel Mask x1 and 2000 Rupees.