Troubleshoot: FIFA 16 Crashes or Doesn't Load / Work

FIFA 16 - Problems - What to do if the game does not work or crashes?

FIFA 16, the latest title of EA Sports football simulation video game, there are problems with some players. We have listed the most common issues for you and offer assistance.

FIFA 16: Problems - All online errors at a glance

Many problems of FIFA 16 are related to the online mode, which is often simply because of the fact that the servers of EA are overloaded with the huge rush in the days following the game's release. See here the most common problems and solutions:

- Errors occur frequently in online mode, for example, not Counting Ultimate Team games, missing the FIFA Points or suddenly breaking off online rounds. In addition, often lack things that unlock in the catalog, later in the actual game.
- Such errors are almost always in mind that many players force the server to their knees. Veterans remember certainly the fact that this almost always is at a new FIFA.
- Fortunately, not long hold on to such errors and eventually the players amounts distributed better what the server relieved.
- Sometimes even just the server being shut down, for example, due to maintenance work.
- Incase, if you have bought a player and this does not appear the same after some time it is usually there.
- An object or player is permanently gone, so you should definitely call the EA for support.

Help, my team name in the Ultimate Team mode is not accepted!

Often, the frustration is great, if you in the Ultimate Team mode want to enter a team and this is simply not want to fold. Often this is simply because the team name violates the Terms of EA. Then better taste with a different name.

- But if it should not work with another, innocuous name also, it could also be due to server problems. Best to try again later.
- Possibly the fault is partly due to special characters or spaces in the team name or gamertag.
- If all this does not work, add a simple "1" behind the team name.
- Furthermore, you can try to change the name on the webapp from EA Sports.
- A Red-restart could solve the problem if your own line on strike.

FIFA 16: What to do when FIFA 16 holds you for underage?

Particularly curious is the error message that prevents you from online gameplay, because your age is currently under 14 years. This you can easily solve, change your current age (permissible age over 14 years old) in the settings or in your gamer profile on the console. Then at least you can solve this issue.