Uncharted: The Drake Nathan Collection treasure locations

Uncharted: The Drake Nathan Collection: Locations of all Treasures and Strange Relic in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

The Uncharted: The Drake Nathan Collection offers all PlayStation 3 hits in a re-mastered version of PS4. We show you the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune video guide below. There you will find all the locations of the treasures and the strange relic in Naughty Dog's Uncharted game series. Overall, you will find 60 treasures and relics hidden in all chapters of the game. If you missed a treasure, you simply return via chapter selection to the appropriate place. Once you have found a treasure in the adventure, the game saves automatically.

So You must leave the chapter and find the next missing treasure. An overview of already collected treasures in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune can be found also in the pause menu under bonus. On top of that, the game also includes a counter for collecting objects that will be displayed to you in the chapter selection. Thus, you can find out quite easily the missing treasures in chapters. The odd relic can be found, incidentally, in Chapter 5, check out the video below at minute 10:31.

Overall, you deserve nine trophies for the mountains and all the treasures of the relic in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune remaster.