Warhammer End Times Vermintide crafting / upgrade guide

In Warhammer: End Times Vermintide you have the opportunity to upgrade an object to produce or disassemble a new one.


To melt an object, you must select the bucket and click on the desired item you want to melt. Bear in mind that the selected object is lost forever. For the melting of an ordinary object you also get one or more rarity stones of "usually". This means that the stone still has the same class as your rarity subject.


When fusing you have to put five items of the same rarity in each one of the boxes to get a chance to get a rare object for it. Here you can use it for ranged weapons, melee weapons or hats or helmets any objects. But keep in mind that these objects used for this purpose are then lost forever. It should be noted that the probability that it is a weapon is higher if you use many weapons for it.

Gear up

To upgrade an item, you must have at least this usually (green). An ordinary object only provides an unchangeable improvement, while a rare item lets you choose between two improvements. For each weapon cannot be improved without precondition, a stone must (or Gem) like rarity as the object that you want to upgrade, serve. You need not to worry, if the improvement does not succeed and the stone was wasted. The stones you get through the third function of forging: Meltdown

The Forge

The forge is located on the ground floor of the inn and is hard to miss. Where you can upgrade or meltdown to produce new objects such helmets / hats or weapons.

Rarity classes:

- Number Empire - White
- Usually - Green
- Rarely - Blue