All Vault Locations in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, Vaults are bunkers / underground shelters that were built to protect people in a nuclear disaster. In Fallout 4, there are five vaults that you can find and explore. The locations and details of each of the vaults can be found in our guide.

Below listed vaults are available in Fallout 4

1. Vault 111
2. Vault 114
3. Vault 95
4. Vault 81
5. Vault 75

Vault 111

In Fallout 4, you wake up in Vault 111 and notes that you are the manager or sole survivor. Looking for answers to notes that the scientists of this bunker, have conducted secret experiments. They examined the effects on human body, who have spent a long time in the Cryostasis. In the belief that to begin a new life here.

What you can find in Vault 111

10mm gun
Wedding Ring
Red Menace (Holotape game)
Perceptual Bobblehead

Vault 114

You can reach this bunker through the Park Street station. The entrance is on the site. This vault was built to protect important representative of the company. The whole thing should serve a social experiment. Whether the chosen ones have made it in time to get into the vault, we do not know.

What you can find in Vault 114:

Stealth Boy
Nick Valentine (companion)
Language Bobblehead
Incredibly overwhelming Stories
Vault 114 suit

Vault 95

This vault can be found in southwestern Commonwalth. All Chem-addicts were housed in this vault, to cure them of drug addiction. Initially worked with the idea after a short time, however, attacked all at each other and began to fight the Chems. Now, the Vault is a base of the Gunner and full of aluminum. They are useful for the settlement construction and modding of weapons and armor.

What you can find in Vault 95:

Surgical Tray
Large Weapons Bobblehead
Plasma gun (from a Gunner in the last room)
Cherry Nuka
Aluminum pot (many)

Vault 81

To join this Vault, you need three fusion cores. You can find the bunker a little further west of Diamond City. This Vault also has a secret. Here experiments are carried out, in which the scientists are looking for remedies for diseases. The test objects are not human, but rats. This transfer, however, unknown diseases.

What you can find in Vault 81:

Taboo Tattoos (Horatio's hair salon)
Grognak booklet (classroom)
Syringe gun
Medicine Bobblehead
Overseer's Guardian (sniper rifle)
Stealth Boy
Curie (Companion)
Mini nuclear bomb

Vault 75

This Vault can be found at the Malden High School. It was built in order to protect the children in the event of nuclear war. The secret of this Vault is that the children were all gathered at the outbreak of war, the adults, however, were separated and murdered. The scientists wanted to create this vault with children and stronger and smarter people.

What you can find in Vault 75:

Fusion Core
Science Bobblehead
Grognak booklet


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