Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Locked Chest Locations - maps

In Assassin's Creed: Syndicate waits plenty of treasures to explore. In addition to the normal chests that there are also Locked Chest to be found everywhere, which are displayed as a golden box symbol and must have developed your skill to open them.

Before you look for the locked chests in AC: Syndicate, ensure that Evie or Jacob's ability "lockpicking I" have achieved. Below we show you the localities of all locked chests on the map.

The locked chests contain special items such as armor, weapons and unique materials. This you need to make powerful items. If you unlock the view of a new area of a single viewpoint, you can you see the treasure chests. They are represented as golden symbols.

Locked chests in Whitechapel

1. In the market where you have to kill the Templar with dynamite. Green Color
2. South of the viewpoint on the roof of a building. Belt

Locked Chests in Lambeth

1. Within the area where a Templar hunting takes place. Bluestone
2. In the south on a side roof of the church. Light and Dark Cloak
3. Make your way to the central tower of the lunatic asylum in Lambeth. Here you can enter an area in the interior on the back of the tower. Climb to the roof and go inside one floor below you will find the locked chest. Tanjore Poison

The Thames Locked Chest

On the boat with the viewpoint and the Fight Club. Sea Silk

Locked Chests in Southwark

1. In the waiting room of the railway station on the first floor: Lord Pearson’s Cane Sword
2. On the first floor of the factory building is where you will find the fight club chest. Rhodium
3. East viewpoint in Southwark in the area where a child's liberation event takes place. Darbe's Bear Claw
4. On the second floor of a factory building. Eagle Dive Cape

Locked Chests in the City of London

1. On the roof of the west side of St. Bartholomew Hospital. Hallucinogenic Dart Upgrade 2
2. On the platform transition in the southern part of the Cannon Street Station. Jaw Tenderizer
3. At the top of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. Baron Jordane’s Finery
4. In the Bank of England in the library in the northeast side of the building. Chimera Gauntlet Schematic (Assassins Gloves)
5. On the roof of the west side of the Royal Exchange building. Golden Lion Cane Sword

The Strand Locked Chests

1. In the fight club under the stairs opposite the entrance. Lord Jonathan's Retribution
2. In the sewers under the garden of the National Gallery. Golden Spider Silk
3. In a small hut east of St. Pancras Station. Large Bullet Pouch Schematic
4. In Charing Cross station in the lobby near the entrance. Wabar Pearl

Locked Chests in Westminster

1. In the northern area of the corridor that goes to the southeast side of Buckingham Palace on the first floor. Ulfberht Sword
2. In the middle room on the first floor on the south side of Buckingham Palace. Lignum Vitae
3. In the room on the first floor of the Buckingham Palace on the southern side. Eagle Splendor Belt
4. On the northern terrace on the roof of Westminster Abbey: Death Knuckles
5. In the largest house of Devil's Acre on the top floor by the window. Master Assassin’s Belt

World War I Locked Chests

1. At the end of the northern corner of the map loot:. Eagle Dive Belt
2. In the military area within the building to the east. Boudicca’s Torque


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