Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Loyalty Program guide

On November 7, the Loyalty Program starts for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, in which players get a reward, a name tag (from rank 10), crosshair styles (from rank 30) and camouflage for weapons (from Prestige), for once they have reached a certain rank in the predecessors from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. You have time until November 5 to reach the rank for it. Here we give you a brief guide as you make the desired level as quick as possible.

Step 1: Foundation

Of course, one must in the multiplayer mode, because only then you have the chance to earn a ranking. The most important foundation to climb ranks is: Experience or XP! No matter how good you feel, your ranking will be decided by XP. So if you want to rise as quickly as possible in rank, you will not have any incredible shots land, but try as soon as possible to accumulate XP. As already mentioned, you can get this XP only in online matches.

Step 2: Mode Selection

It is important which mode you select! Different modes provide different amounts of XP bonus and are therefore suitable better or worse, to ensure a quick rise. Unfortunately, this varies from game to game, so that's important, what game you possess. Especially popular are the modes hardpoint and Kill Confirmed in Call of Duty fans. They are well suited for a fast XP boost due to different possibilities.

In Kill Confirmed you get 100 XP for each kill - but that's not all. In this mode, you get another 100 XP for collecting the dog tag of the enemy, after having eliminated him. This alone means doubling the XP for each kill - especially when compared with other modes.

In Search and Destroy mode you get even 500 XP per kill and 200 XP for an assist if you are particularly good, you can concentrate on distributing headshots, because the rewards here with 1000 XP. Accordingly, it is possible in this game and mode to rise very quickly.

But also in the other game modes, you should always keep in mind that each mode has a mission objective. These mission goals always give an experience point bonus. Sometimes there are a few more points, sometimes even less.

Each mode has its own challenges. Variation is so important here! Earn milestones in the modes bringing back XP that you can ascend.

Step 3: Weapon selection

Now that we have started the game, change in the online mode and have chosen a mode, then go to the next tip. In shooters like Call of Duty, it is obviously important with what weapon you're playing! Actually you should see a weapon preference, with which one feels more comfortable or successful hits, but since the weapons give different XP bonuses, we make the advantage of.

In Call of Duty, each weapon has different individual challenges, but also a range of accessories that you can play freely. If you want to collect additional XP, you should the milestones of weapons to unlock, bring the experience bonuses with it.

If you have completed all the challenges and unlocked a gun, change to the next weapon to dust, you have various bonuses here.

Step 4: Map Selection

All these tips do not bring much, if you still do not kill. Since Call of Duty is a first-person shooter, the alpha and omega of the Games remains: the shooting. Especially at the beginning there may be frustrations when a better player Get ready - but which you should not let you bring calm. At the beginning of your basic skill is indeed to be important, but this phase you can skip quickly if you listen and concentrate on these tips.

Not everyone can be a professional, but everyone can focus on their strengths and improve. Therefore, it is important that you remain calm and get a feel for the game. Test weapons and also moves on the mouse or the controller. Often help if you change the sensitivity of the mouse, or change the key assignment.

If you want to quickly improve your aim, then the team game is important. With friends or other players you could communicate in-game and improve so quickly. Not only can generally give advice, but also be a help to teammates when you announce the position of an opponent in order to allow you an easy kill.

Step 6: Milestones

You can also focus on the skill milestones. Before Black Ops 2 has focused on making as many kills as possible in order to get the longest possible kill streak. The longer the kill streak, the more XP.

Now you should definitely but not only focus on the kills, but also on the scorecards. The higher the score in a single life, the higher the XP.

Incidentally, there are also Assist milestones that you can achieve. A good solution is to be first to see the milestone list and to set goals.