Fallout 4 - Barber and Plastic Surgeon’s locations

Before you invest your bottlecaps in a new hairdresser or change your face, and before leaving the Vaults 111, make sure that you are happy with your character because it's your last chance to make free changes. Hairstyles and faces are the only optical characteristics of your character that you can change subsequently. Unfortunately, the sex you cannot change during the game.

Locations of Barber

In Commonwealth you will find two Barbers. One of them has a hair salon in Diamond City. As part of the main quest you met Piper that you gain access to the city. Then she invites you to her office. In addition to this office you will also find John, the barber of Diamond City. John is not only able to give you a new hairstyle but also grow or cut beard. The conditions are simple: Visit the hairdresser during the day with 15 bottlecaps in your pocket.

You can also find the second Hairdresser in Commonwealth a little later. Horatio, he has a hair salon in Vault 81. There you will also find the companion Curie. To be able to visit Horatio, you must first gain access to the Vault. For this you need three fusion cores. The effort is worth; there you will also find another Bobblehead. Once you have arrived at the Vault, you should do the following steps:

Run in the corridor to the right and then around the corner
Take the lift down to bottom
Then take the stairs down
To the left behind the stairs you will find the barber office

Plastic Surgeon’s Location

Do you want to consult a surgeon, you don’t have much choice here as there’s only one surgeon is available in the Commonwealth. To change your face you should go to Diamond City, where you will find Dr. Sun in the marketplace. During the day he works at Asian noodle shop. Dr. Sun will refer to Doc Crocker and exhort you to enter Mega Surgery Center. The surgeon expects you there already. Completed a small quest for Dr. Sun and to change your face you have to give Doc Crocker 100 Capsules.