Fallout 4 Build a Signal Interceptor (DIY) - Molecular Level

In Fallout 4, under the Quest Molecular Level, you need to build a Signal Interceptor or catcher. However, you have also the possibility to finish the main quest without fraction. This means that you have to play without any help, the Quest Molecular Level. How can you build the Signal Interceptor alone and what material you need, you will find out here.

To build the signal Interceptor, you need the blueprint. This you get from Virgil. Look for him in his lab. Without these plans you can not complete the construction alone. You will need many components. Go into an undeveloped settlement and find the requirements:

Stabilized Reflector Platform
Molecular Beam Emitter
Transmitter / Relay Dish
Control Console

Below we show you how to how to build it.

Stabilized Reflector platform

If you have arrived in the undeveloped settlement, you must first create a lot of space for the stabilized reflector platform. Out of all unnecessary, and then provide the following components:

10 Aluminum
3 Circuitry
5 Steel

Once you have built the stabilized reflector platform, you will find that it needs 3 Power. Before you add the other accessories you concern yourself with the power supply.

Molecular Beam Emitter

For the molecular beam emitter you need a particular component. Among the classic scrap components a circuit board will be added in the Military Sites. This does not exist everywhere. They are marked on the map with a circled star.

Overall you need these components:

2 Rubber
1 Circuit Board, Military Standard
1 Circuitry
1 Copper
10 Steel

Again, you will find that your need power. In this case, even 20! The molecular beam emitter you have to position it on the reflector platform.

Fallout 4, Build, Signal Interceptor, DIY, Molecular Level Guide
Transmitter Dish

You need a tall building, such as the Trinity Tower, you should look out for sensor modules. These are in fact very rare and important for this mission. To build the dish you need the following components.

3 Gold
3 Copper
3 Steel
6 Fabric
1 Sensor Module

This transmission requires 5 energy power.

Control Console

The final component of the signal is the control console. For this, you need the following materials:

1 Biometric Scanner
5 Steel
2 Rubber
3 Copper

The control console requires 2 more Power. Dedicate yourselves now the power supply and you have already built your signal Interceptor.


  1. Do you need a specific intelligence special stat to be able to understand Virgil's schematic without help? I don't like any of the factions.


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