Fallout 4 - Locations of all 14 Astoundingly Awesome Tales

The "Astoundingly Awesome Tales" is one of the 17 magazines in Fallout 4. These special magazines provide you a variety of perks associated with damage resistance and increases weapon ability. A total of 14 issues of Astoundingly Awesome Tales can be found in post apocalypse RPG and grant you unique perks such as health regeneration. Therefore, it is really worth to collect all 14 editions of the issues.

1. Issue number one is in the Park Street Station in Vault 114 - You come here automatically during the main quest "Unlikely Valentine quest". The magazine gives you +5 Action points in VATS

2. The next issue can be found in Railroad headquarters at the Old North Church, northeast of Goodneighbor. To get access, you need to find Railroad. This can cause 5% more damage to the Ghouls

3. This issue you can find in the Pickman Gallery North of Goodneighbor. Your destination is the subterranean vault. In space, where you will also find Pickman and the Raider, this edition is on the floor. In the same room you will find the lockpick Bobblehead. With this you gain +5 Poison Resistance.

4. This issue can be found in the pit of Dunwich Borers in the northeast of the Commonwealth. You will find the magazine at the foot of the steep terminal stairs. With this you suffer 5% less damage from robots.

5. This issue can be found in the mayor-shelter far west of the map southwest of Fort Strong. Take the elevator down and you will find this magazine in the living quarters on the table next to a bed. This gives you a health regeneration from a point per minute.

6. Go all the way to the southwest, on the edge of the map. There you will find the guard court. Upon entering you have to go left down the stairs and then left again a few stairs down. This issue gives you a bonus of +5 to your radiation resistance.

7. The East Boston Preparatory School can be found north of the airport of Boston. This issue can be found in the computer room in the top floor. RadAway - ability to heal 5 percent of the radiation damage

8. Go to Hubris Comics between Diamond City and Goodneighbor and go to the stage area at the top. In the same area, where you also find Grognak Costume and Silver Shroud outfit, go inside the room to grab this issue. + 5% damage with the alien blaster pistol.

9. The outpost Zimonja can be found on the map in the far north. This is simultaneously a workshop settlement. On the corresponding workbench you can find this magazine. This gives you 5% more damage at night.

10. Just south of the outpost Zimonja you will find a crashed plane called Skylanes Flight 1981. This issue lies in the cistern of the toilet in the rear area of the plane. This gives you a damage bonus of 5% against Mirelurks.

11. In the far southwest you’ll find crater of atom in the Glowing Sea. There you will find the magazine on a small table on the first floor of the largest hut in the village. This gives you 5% more damage against ghouls.

12. There is a locked cell at Coast Guard Pier in southwest of Diamond City. First you need to take the key from the crashed vertibird to unlock the door to go into the building. There you will find the issue in the cistern of the toilet. This issue gives you 5% damage with weapons that have a riflescope.

13. For this issue you need go to the Institute. Then go to the canteen by the spiral staircase and into the apartment at the top. There you will find the issue, left outside on the balcony. With this perk your Dogmeat suffers permanently 10% less damage.

14. The latest edition can be found in Trinity Plaza just east of the Public Library in the center of Boston. Inside the church you can find the magazine opposite the entrance to the lectern. This gives you + 5% damage against super mutants.