Fallout 4 Silver Shroud costume location / side quest guide

It all starts with a radio signal. In the area around Boston Common and Boylston club you receive the radio signal from the Silver Shroud Radio station. The area is located in the northeast of Diamond City. So if you have received the signal, and you listened to the message, you get the job from Kent Connolly.

You'll find him in the memory den in Goodneighbor. You can learn that Kent avid fan of Hubris Comics superhero, the Silver Shroud, and he wants to play the crusader. For this reason, he built a machine gun from the period.

But still lacks a suitable costume. He informed you that he has seen one in a nearby comic shop called Hubris Comics. In the interview you can get enough charisma points also negotiate an advance payment for the Quest solution.

Hubris Comics for the Silver Shroud Costume

In the southwest of Goodneighbor you find a nondescript house with the inscription Hubris. Once you open the door, you will encounter a lot of feral ghouls. The entire building is teemed with monsters. Be careful there is a Glowing Feral Ghoul also waiting for you. In addition you will also find a Grognak Axe / weapon and costume from the comic book hero.

Once you have defeated all feral ghouls, do the following to get to the Silver Shroud outfit:

- Go up into the building and then continue to the top floor.
- Eventually you come to a staircase, with a sign that reads "On the Air".
- On the top floor there is a Film Set of Silver Shroud.
- Behind the screen you will find the Silver-machine gun. You can not use the weapon, it brings you wood, steel and a spring.
- The costume is located in front of the canvas on a mannequin. It consists of the outfit and a hat.

The outfit reduced damage 15 % and also has the following values:

- Damage resistance: 42
- Energy resistance: 42
- Movement: +1
- Perception: +1
- Weight: 7
- Value: 600

In the building you can find additional books such as "The Unstoppable". In addition, you can still find the Silver Shroud script. For this you need the key of the Managing Director, to be found in the office.

Back to Kent Connolly

After you have found the Silver Shroud Costume return to Kent. He is overjoyed and gives you the promised payment. As an extra you can even give him the script, the photo and the props weapon type. For this you get two Stimpaks in return.

In the next step he asks you to help him to clean the streets of the Goodneighbors from criminals for that you get the Silver Shroud Costume, Bottlecaps, Silver Shroud Calling Cards and a customized Submachine Gun. You get the orders from the Silver Shroud Radio.

Kent ask you to kill three people. They are:

- Wayne Delancy
- AJ
- Kendra

Do not forget to put a Silver Shroud Calling Cards on the corpses, so that everyone in Goodneighbor knows that Silver Shroud makes on the streets for law and order. Once you have killed Kendra, you'll find an agreement to kill Shelly Tiller.

Optional Quest: Kill Shelly Tiller

For this you need to go to the National Guard training yard. Here wait not only Shelly, but also a handful of feral ghouls. Once you kill her you will be rewarded with Bottlecaps.

Revenge of Sinjin

Next, you have to listen to the radio station again. Here you learn that the mayor of Goodneighbor Hancock wants to meet you. He is probably sitting right in the same building, just a few floors up. You have previously recruited him as a companion.

In conversation with him you learn that the three people who you killed, henchmen of Sinjin. He is of course correspondingly angry and wants to revenge. So you have no choice but to kill him.

Hancock gives you the hint that you should kill his two most intimate helpers, Smiling Kate and Northy. Kate is located in Bunker Hill and Northy just south of Wattz Consumer Electronics.