Fallout 4: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Magazine Locations

For a better bargaining and negotiating advantageous price help you collecting the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Magazines. A total of eight editions have been published so far, and each issue gives you a bonus to the Bottle caps / Perk, which earned through trade. We have put together all the locations of the Magazines in the following list:

Longneck Lukowski's Cannery - Go to Longneck Lukowski's cannery in the northeast near the Museum of Witchcraft. You can find the magazine in a office on the first floor and also a Bobblehead to trade.

Four Leaf fish Paking Plant - Go to the Four Leaf fish Paking Plant southeast of Goodneighbor, you find this edition in the basement of the building in the locker room on the bench.

Walden Pond - Walden Pond can be found south of the Sanctuary. Enter through the drain pipe and then keep yourselves right. There you will find the magazine in a cave on a barrel.

Mystic Pines - You can find the Mystic Pines in the northeast of Lexington. Go inside and then turn left. Here the magazine is next to the Television.

Super Duper Mart - If you are already in Lexington, you can also get this issue from the Super Duper Mart. It is in the magazine rack at the checkout.

Big John's Salvage - This issue takes you on Big John’s Salvage southeast of Diamond City. It is located in the caravan, which you can reach via a few ramps.

Wreck of the FMS Northern Star - Wreck of the FMS Northern Star is located in the southeast of the Commonwealth. Step into the vessel over the side and go up to the deck. There, the magazine is in Gunner Territory on a table. Further ahead, you will also find the Bobblehead.

Gwinnett Brewery - For the last issue you need to go to Gwinnett Brewery in southeast of Goodneighbor. But before you think the coveted trade magazine in the greedy paws, you have to run through all sorts of pipes climb upward.