Fallout 4 - Unlock Benevolent Leader

Some Achievements in Fallout 4 are not easily unlocked. "Benevolent Leader" is one of the difficult trophies and achievements to get in the entire game. To unlock this achievement you must increase your settlement happiness to a value of 100 and you also need to accumulate a large amount of bottle caps. In our guide we show you what exactly you need to unlock this Achievement.

Charisma as a prerequisite: If you want to unlock "benevolent leader" without difficulty, then you should have high charisma 10 or 11. For every charisma point you can add one more settler. The more inhabitants you have in your city, the faster you reach the Achievement.

Perks are important: You have build stores in your settlement. There you can offer them clothing, food and medical care. This way you can increase happiness for your residents. For this you need the perks - Local Leaders (Rank 2), Medic (Rank 1) and Cap Collector (Rank 2)

Bottle Caps: You need at least 16,000 bottle caps to unlock the Achievement "benevolent leader."

Expand your settlement

The larger your settlement, the closer you are to unlock "benevolent leader" Achievement. The size of the city you can determine by the bar on the right screen. It must fill 3/4 or more. Keep yourselves in the following steps:

- Your companions are not useful in the settlement and therefore should reside in outside your cities. You should only have town residents, who can carryout assign tasks.
- Fill your settlement. More residents mean more happiness.
- Only the resident’s requirements should be met. You should not have more beds than your settlers and should be indoor.

- Produce enough food. A settler can produce 6 food, so 4 residents can create 24 units. For this you need to plant enough food.
- Build simple water pumps to supply your settlement with water. However, don’t build too many, otherwise suffers the safety of the city.
- Once you build 24 food and 24 water, you should achieve a protective value of the 48 This protects the settlers and the more resources you have, the more protection you need. - The most important point for the "benevolent leader" Achievement are shops. This must level 3. Assign all other settlers, who are not responsible for the food, to the level 3 stores. They will work with pleasure and their happiness rises.

Generate the highest happiness

- Once you have rebuilt your city after the aforementioned steps, you must no longer leave. A bug is in fact ensures that the happiness falls. Do the followings:

- Remain in your settlement and near the shops.
- Increase happiness by one point, sleep for 24 hours.
- Repeat this process until you reach 99 points with satisfaction.
- Now we have to wait. The last point comes by itself. Do not worry if there is no arrow appears more upward. The result is still the Achievement "benevolent leader".