Forza Motorsport 6 beginner's guide

Forza 6 is the latest entry in the cult automobile franchise of Microsoft. Developed by the studio Turn 10 and released exclusively for the Xbox One, the running game is to highlight the competitive multiplayer with over 450 cars available to the player. 

The Forza Motorsport 6 interface can be somewhat confusing to those who are not very familiar with the series, its different game options such as customization of vehicle systems, games and personalization dozens of leagues career.

On the "Go to Race", available on the home menu, find the "Multiplayer" icon. In the pre-race lobby, you can compete with friends and other players around the world in a series of events divided into categories.

The categories of online mode Forza Motorsport 6 are separated by classes. If the user does not have a suitable car to compete in a particular class, just improve vehicle with new parts or buy a new one to have better chances in the selected event.

By accessing the lobby of a game, wait the end of the round to start a new competition. During the wait time, select the best powerful in the "Select Car" option and choose a predefined vehicle modification.

Not in the right car to participate in a competition? No problem, the game offers the possibility to pick up cars borrowed for free. However, there is a drawback: you can not accumulate credits (game currency) and experience points when running with rented vehicles.

In addition to rent cars, the virtual pilot can buy new vehicles using the credits accumulated in offline career matches. Unlike the borrowed car, the snappers purchased grant experience points and automatically raise the level of affinity with the car brand.

Forza Motorsport 6 also has a private match system in which you can choose the rules to compete against your friends from Xbox Live. To create private matches, press the "Y" button when you are in the pre-race lobby in multiplayer Hoppers.

The game options for particular matches are vast, as the creator of the session can set the environment and climate change, as well as the maximum number of Drivatars, players and turns. Remember that the race of the difficulty level can also be amplified to enable collision mode and the difficulty of the damage.