Freefall Armor Location in Fallout 4

In Fallout, the freefall Armor will allow you to jump down from high levels without any damage. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to get this armor. It is located in one of the highest floors in Mass Fusion-building. It is very difficult to reach the location and besides, the armor is in a safe deposit box. You will have to rely on some items in order to reach the armor. The following list shows what you need in advance and what requirements need to fulfill to obtain this armor.

To reach the top, you will need power armor.

On power armor you can assemble a jetpack. You can also get this after completing of a quest Brotherhood of Steel or you can build it yourself. For this you need rank 4 at the Perks Quartermaster and science.

To get the freefall Armor, you will also need Nuka-Cola Quantum and the drug Jet.

Take a few hairclips. It would be too bad if you've finally managed to arrive at the top and you don’t have hairclips to open the safe.

Once you have everything ready, then you go to the Mass Fusion-building. Fight through floor by floor upwards until it will go no further. The upper floors are all collapsed, so it is now a bit complicated to reach the location of the freefall armor. The first obstacle is waiting for you on the 5th floor, there is a glass roof. You now have two options.

1. If you have already completed the quest Mass Fusion, you can take the elevator on the 5th floor to go further up.

2. If you have not yet completed the quest Mass Fusion, you can see an out-of-order sign outside the elevator. In this case you have to pass through the hole in the ceiling with your jetpack.

Now it is more difficult. Many of the levels are almost completely collapsed. Look around and look for good projection lookout, where you can end up using the jetpack. The quick save feature is your best friend here. Make sure to save your progress. One you near the top, there is now no longer projections. Then Look for a hole in the wall above.

Now comes the difficult part: you have to go in there. This is only possible with the use of jetpack and keep yourself always in the left corner. Due to a glitch you will be able to take a break from time to time so that your stamina can regenerate partially consumed by the use of jetpack. Leveraging the Nuka-Cola Quantum to regenerate your stamina back and used the Chem / Drug Jet to slow down time. With practice, you will achieve your goal.

If you have managed to pass through the hole in the wall, then save your progress once again. You have to make another jump up and jump right into a hole in the wall. This jump is much easier. Jump with the jetpack in the hole right in the wall and you're very close to the armor. Then you can open the safe in the office and grab yourselves the two parts of the freefall armor. There is also a computer terminal, which tells the process of development.