Living Failures Boss guide - Bloodborne The Old Hunters

In light wooden garden, between research hall and astral clock tower, grow the beautiful sunflowers. But don’t be too pleased with the scenery, because here you will encounter the living failures. These disfigured bosses have outnumbered and possess dangerous arcane attacks. But don’t worry, we show you how to defeat them in our guide below:

Once you push on the door to the large light wooden garden in the research hall, the boss battle against the living failures begins. First you will encounter an opponent from the sunflower field, followed by four others who follow in rapid succession. The five bosses have the following characteristics:

All five living failures share a common life bars. So it does not matter who you attack first.

You can use the tree in the middle as cover against numerous magic / ranged attacks.

Their attacks are slow and leave plenty of room for counterattack. Even if they seem magic, you can easily drop them in the back and attack them.

Depending on a failure casts dangerous magic attacks while the rest of the pack you busy with melee attacks. The individual types of attacks we explain in the following points.

As a rule, four of the opponents are coming to you and attack with melee attacks. However, the Fifth one uses the following magic attacks:

Magic Orb: This attack is a slow moving big bolt of arcane magic, which plays slowly on you. You can easily avoid it and it caused only damage when it explodes on the ground or on walls.

Meteor Shower: All living failures stop at once and stretching hands to the sky. This attack is by far the most dangerous, but can easily be overcome. As the bullets all come from one direction in the sky, you can take cover behind the tree in the middle of it and if you don’t go immediately to the tree, you will suffer a massive damage.

Alternatively sprint in circles and dodges.

Magic Bolts: The living failures created sphere that shoots several magic bolts at you. Stay in motion and avoid them or use the tree in the middle as cover.

Always try some enemies that are a bit off, attack and avoid attack on groups that are close together. If you want to take them, use heavy weapons with long range. So you can kill all at once and pause even attacks of the bosses. In close combat, they are dangerous to you especially with two attacks.

Wiper: The melee attack is always performed with both arms. So always deviates from the two attacks.

Head butt: A melee attack, in which a living failure rams his head into the ground in front of him. Causes a lot of damage and should be avoided.

Ideally, you are fighting with fast, light weapons and pick out a single opponent. Of the whole pack you should definitely keep better.

You try best to thrash the living failures as a group and thus to maximize the damage with heavy weapons.