Locations of All Unstoppable Magazines in Fallout 4

The comic book series of "Unstoppable" is one of the numerous magazines in Fallout 4 and collecting them you get permanent perks, which improve certain skills. In this guide, we show you the location of all 5 Unstoppable Magazines.

After collecting each issue brings you the following perk:

- You gain the chance of + 1% to avoid all the damage of an attack.

Therefore, collect all 5 unstoppable Comics Magazines to avoid a 5% chance of damage from foes.

Unstoppable Magazine Location 1: Shaw High School

The first unstoppable comic magazine can be found in the Shaw High School, south of Boston. Get rid of the Super Mutant and it is in the main library room.

Unstoppable Magazine Location 2: DB Technical High School

The 2nd issue is located in the DB Technical High School. Go to the other side of the pool room in the basement and grab the comic.

Unstoppable Magazine Location 3: Westing Estate

Go to the Westing-estate in the west of the Commonwealth. Here it leads you; even if you want to find the signed baseball card. The comic is located in one of the small huts on the water.

Unstoppable Magazine Location 4: Suffolk County Charter School

You can find this issue in the Suffolk County Charter School in the south of Comonwealth. Beware of the feral ghouls in this field. The comic can be found on the first floor inside the library room on a desk.

Unstoppable Magazine Location 5: Hubris Comics

You can grab this issue in Hubris Comics between Diamond City and Goodneighbor. Immediately after entering you see the Magazine on the right on the shop counter.