Need for Speed (2015) Earn Reputation (REP) tips

Need for Speed is one of the most famous racing games franchise in the world, with more than 20 titles in 20 years of existence. The series also won the big screen with Need for Speed: The Movie.

In the latest entry in the Need for Speed series your driving style will be rewarded with Reputation (REP). No matter how you drive, just about everything that goes beyond normal driving is rewarded through a REP. You earn reputation in five different activities: speed, style, build, crew, and outlaw.

Speed: Drive your car at a high speed, you earn rewards in the form of REP. Whenever you are fast, increasing your speed reputation. 7500 REP

Style: Altogether 1500 meters drifts - Here it's all about your skills. At the forefront are drifts. The longer they are, the more reputation you gain. 7500 REP

Build: Technical highlights, such as maximum speed and use of Nitro, you bring Build reputation. The missions of Amy bring you additional REP in this category. 7500 REP

Crew: Win race in the name of your Department or escape successfully from the cops, you get REP in this category. Even if you pack trip with your friends, get your crew reputation. 7500 REP

Outlaw: The prerequisite for this is a level 2 plus 5 cross roadblocks - As the name suggests, you reward with REP in this category for deeds of outlaws. Ruin your environment or run from the police, you gain outlaw reputation. 7500 REP

Race: The most obvious way to win much REP is to Race. This brings primarily a lot of money. At the end of each race you get 1000 REP by one of the known drivers. In a kind of Twitter message you will commended or turned on and is rewarded with 1000 REP.

During the race you will also receive the REP, which you get during normal driving. But since you risk more during a race, it is very likely that you have a higher yield in this situation.