Star Wars Battlefront beginner’s guide

Star Wars: Battlefront is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and on this occasion we offer you a brief introductory guide to DICE’s space adventure and we also show you the locations of all hidden collectibles in different planets.

Before entering the multiplayer mode, if you are not very accustomed with the shooting titles, it is better to start with single player missions. In this fact you can get familiar with the game controls, not only for the standard gameplay, but also for the phases and to control the heroes available. As you become more familiar with the title headlong into the nine multiplayer modes available to you, and here are some useful tips.

Blaster Weapons / Upgrade Tips:

- Although ammunition is endless, we still need to shoot with caution with blaster weapons. After a series of shoots in fact the weapon will overheat and in this case you should be prepared to press the indicated key with the right timing to avoid being totally vulnerable. The advice is to stop shortly before the overheating, since the charging time in this case is very short.

- Among the weapons at your disposal, some adapt more effectively in certain circumstances. The Ion Grenade is the ideal tool against droids and turrets while the Pulse Cannon will be more effective depending on the charged capacity. With the maximum load it may allow you to eliminate an enemy with one shot even if you can not have all this time to where you need to use the weapon with caution depending on the game situation.

- A more effective tool could be the right combination of two different weapons such as the jetpack, allowing you to dominate the battlefield and explosion based weapon to destroy enemies on the other hand.

- A weapon useful, especially in times of difficulty, is the smoke grenade, which can obscure the view of your opponents and prevent turrets and droids to engage targets. If the power-ups at your disposal should not satisfy you, the advice is to change with the simple special button to switch to a more appropriate support.

- Be careful to use the shields: in fact often these will prevent you from attacking while will be vulnerable to some weapons like grenades and rockets.

Starfighter Pilot tips:

- If you engage an enemy target, the only way to escape his grip is to perform evasive maneuvers that will make you miss the chance to be an easy prey.

- To increase the power and effectiveness of weapons, it is necessary to reduce the speed.
- To get an attack more effectively, you can attach the lens using the L2 button or the left trigger pad (right mouse button for those who play on PC).

Other useful tips

- The arrow keys can be used to give orders: the arrow leads the characters controlled by the AI to attack while with the Right key directional will follow along the battle.

- To change the view from first to third person just press the key down.

- The AT-ST have weaknesses: to be able to break down more easily are attacked and hit in the back. Similarly you will need to protect this area when you command the half.

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Collectibles - Endor Heroes mode

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