Tesla Science Magazine Locations in Fallout 4

Tesla Science Magazine is a useful perk in Fallout 4, which makes your energy weapons like laser guns particularly deadly. There are a total of 9 issues of Tesla Science have survived in the nuclear apocalypse. With all the magazines so you will get a bonus of + 45% critical damage with your laser and plasma weapons. Here we show the locations of all issues:

1. Arc Jet System: The first edition of Tesla's research can be found in the building of Arc Jet System southwest of Lexington. It is the same place where you completed the Quest for the Brotherhood of Steel - Paladin Danse

2. HalluciGen: Another edition of the magazine can be found in HalluciGen. The building is located in the west of Goodneighbor. The issue is on a table in one of the offices on the ground floor.

3. Rocky Cave: This issue of Tesla Science Magazine is located not in a laboratory or office but in a Rocky Cave in Glowing Sea. Where you also meet Virgil during the main quest. You can find the issue on a cabinet next to Virgil equipment in the small area.

4. University Point: Go to University Point in the southeast of the map. On the third floor of the Sedgwick Hall you can find the issue on a small table beside the bed.

5. Poseidon Energy: Further south from the University Point you will find Poseidon Energy. Enter the factory best over the roof. There you will find the journal on a desk. In the same room you can get the Bobblehead Endurance.

6. Mahkra Fish Packaging: The sixth edition of the Tesla Science Magazine can be found in the north-east of the map at the Mahkra Fish packaging. After entering take the elevator go down and then to a large counter-clockwise arc. You will find this issue next to a Raider’s dead body.

7. Reeb Marina: Go to the Reeb Marina northeast of Bunker Hill adjacent to the Revere satellite array. There you will find this issue on a table.

8. Mass Fusion-building: You find this magazine in Mass Fusion-building directly northwest of Goodneighbor. First go to the fifth floor. There, the glass roof blocks the way. Once you have completed the main quest Mass Fusion, you can get the elevator to go further up. If not, you need a power armor with jetpack to fly through a hole in the ceiling.

9. General Atomics Factory: The last issue can be found in the General Atomics factory southeast of Goodneighbor. You will find the issue on the first floor.