Unlock Diorama figures in Star Wars Battlefront

In the third part of the Star Wars video game series, Star Wars Battlefront, you are allowed to unlock your favorite characters from the classic movie in a diorama figures. To unlock the figures you must solve its various tasks, and can only be unlocked if you are in the multiplayer mode or play survival and battle missions. If you have completed your task successfully you will receive 20 character and vehicles. One exception is the figure Twi'lek. Your only get this when you use the companion app.

In the following chart we show you, how to unlock all 20 diorama figures:

Darth Vader: Defeat 250 enemies as Hero or Villain
Stormtrooper: Reach level 10
Princess Leia Organa: Reach Rank 50
Shadowtrooper (Hoth): Reach level 3 every stage with Trait
Han Solo: Earn 1,000,000 points in multiplayer mode
T-47 Airspeeder: Complete 10 matches in any game mode
AT-AT: Complete 30 matches in Walker Assault mode
Endor Rebel: Complete all missions with master ranking
AT-ST: Complete all survival missions on master ranking
Luke Skywalker: Finds all salvage objects / collectibles in Mission Mode
Emperor Palpatine: Get three stars in all missions

Tie Fighter: Destroy 150 vehicles
Magmatrooper: Reach 1,500 killings using imperial soldier
Tatooine Rebel: Reach 1,500 killings as a rebel
Scout Trooper: Score 250 headshots
Millenium Falcon: Score 100 killings with the Millenium Falcon or Slave 1
Boba Fett: Get a kill with every weapon
X-Wing: Use 200 power-ups
Slave 1: Use a vehicle for total of 10 hours
Twi'lek Rebel: Use Companion app (Base Command) and win three stars