Weapon Locations in Bloodborne The Old Hunters

The latest Bloodborne expansion called Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. The new DLC brings not only new monsters and epic boss battles, but also numerous new weapons which you get after collecting the "Old Hunter’s" essence trophy.

There are 16 new weapons that you can find in the new extension. Some lie in hidden places, while for others you must solve questlines. Below, we show you all the available weapons in detail and their values and peculiarities. Below you can see in the video all the localities of the Old Hunters weapons.

Beast Cutter (Location Nightmare Cathedral: An iron cleaver, which can be used after the transformation as a heavy whip. Physical Damage: 92; required Strength 11 and skill 9

Boom Hammer (Location Hunter's Nightmare): A huge hammer with built stove. When inflammation it releases flame bursts that explode on impact. Physical Damage 90,
Fire Damage 60, required Strength 14 and skill 8

Piercing Rifle (Location can be purchased at the messenger): This hunting rifle caused by gunshot wounds, but is not suitable for counterattacks. Blood Damaged 80; required Strength 9 and skill 10

Simons bow blade (Location Harrowed Hunter - Lighthouse Hut): A slim blade can be used after transformed into an arch. Physical Damage 80’ Blood Damage 80; required Strength 8, Dexterity 15 and Blood Staining 9

Gatling gun (Location Hunter’s Nightmare): This heavy firearm has the highest rate of fire in the game and quickly consumed all your mercury balls. Blood Damage 80; required Strength 28 and skill 12

Amygdalan Arm (Location Hunter’s Nightmare - dark cavern): A heavy mace that will transform according to the whip with a long range. Physical Damage 80, Arcane Damaged 40; required Strength 17 and skill 8

Beasthunter Saif (Location Hunter’s Nightmare): This blade can be used as a sword or a short knife. Physical Damage 90, Stitch 37; required Strength 9 and skill 11

Whirligig Saw (Location Nightmare Church): In its normal form, this weapon is a mace. However, it is transformed to mechanical saw. Physical Damage 95, Stitch 68; required Strength 18 and skill 12

Holy Moonlight Sword (Location Hunter's Nightmare): An arcane sword that releases a shadowy light wave in blue moonlight. Physical Damage: 90, Stitch 60, Arcane Damage 50; required Strength 16, Dexterity 12 and Arcane 14

Fist of Gratia (Location Hunter’s Nightmare - locked prison cells): A primitive iron lumps, which can bring enemies reeling. Physical Damage 60; required Strength 7, Dexterity 9 and Blood Staining 5

Church Cannon (Location Research Hall): A thick Wumme that works like a grenade launcher. Blood Damage 160; required Strength 27 and Blood Staining 16

Church Pick (Location Research Hall): A sword that becomes a kind of pickaxe. Physical Damage 88, Stitch 41; required Strength 9 and skill 14

Loch Shield (Location Research Hall): This glass shield reduces non-physical damage. Required Strength 11 and skill 8

Rakuyo (Location Fishing Hamlet): Princess Mary's weapon can become a spear. Physical Damage 82, Stitch 30; required Strength 10 and skill 20

Bloodletter (Location Hunter’s Nightmare): Brador’s former weapon is a particularly brutal mace. Physical Damage 90, Blood Damage 90; required Strength 14, Skill 6 and Blood Staining 16

Kos Parasite (Location Lighthouse Hut in the Fishing Hamlet): This weapon merges with the carrier and can create illusions in light woods. – Arcane Damage 30; required Arcane 20

In the following video we show you the locations of all weapons: