WWE 2K16: attacks and moves control guide

Check out all control buttons and the key assignment for WWE 2K16.

The key assignment for the basic control in WWE 2K16:

L2 + left stick (press and hold): Running
Set to Apron, record Object / L1 + left stick toward ropes: L1 + left stick toward Apron enter / exit Ring
R2: Reversal, sightings body parts
R1: Switching between Signature Move and Finisher
Control Pad: taunt opponents, Taunt-Move
Left stick: Move
L3: aim at opponents
Right Stick: Position the new opponents
Triangle: Signature / Finisher / OMG
District: Irish Whip, Pin
X: front face lock, X + left stick: handle, left stick and hold: strong grip

WWE 2K16 control

Of course you can also perform more complex moves. This works on the so-called chain wrestling. Here you must first use triangle, square or circle button. Keep the upper hand, the weak point of the enemy must be uncovered with the right stick. Then you can use the following moves:


Normal handle: Left Stick in a direction + X
Strong handle: Left stick and hold in one direction and X
Opponents below: Right Stick left / right
Snap mare: Right Stick Down
Opponents pack: X without moving left stick
Handle: left stick in a direction + X
Handle: X
Submission: Hold X
Move and hold L2 + R2, left stick in one direction: draw opponents
Irish Whip: district
Release front face lock: L1
Aim at body parts: pressed R2 + circle, X, square, or triangle

WWE 2K16, Attacks, Moves Control

Front Facelock

If an opponent on the ground, you can use the control as follows:

Lift opponents: Right Stick upward
Opponents below: Right Stick left or right
Opponents sit: Right Stick Down
On the sides of the body: X for handle, square for strong blow, X for Submission, R2 + Circle, X, Triangle or Square for sighting of body parts

The object handles have been working for WWE 2K16. The Submission mini-game works as follows:

Turn right stick in a circle
The Blue Defender has a regulator of offensive power dodge (red).
Gather the glowing sphere on, you should bring the submission move successfully from, or escapes this.

To finish the fight, the opponent must be pinned.

X: Is the display in the designated area, you can escape from the pin.
Once you have the Rope-break ability, suppressed in the ropes the circle button to escape the pin.

The success in the match stands and falls with the reversals / counter:

R2 is displayed on the screen, press the key to counter an attack.
New in WWE 2K16 is the limited number of counter moves.
Lit the R2 icon green, you can execute a slight reversal in red symbol of the counter-Move is more difficult to perform. In addition, two reversals are consumed.