WWE 2K16 Submission System tips

In addition to the reversal system, WWE 2K16 also has the Submission. You will find some useful tips and tricks for the new submission system below.

WWE 2K16: Submission System Tutorial

The new mini game task you have to control the small circle in the screen. Your bar needs to be positioned above the beam of the opponent with the right stick. Of course, the opponent is trying to escape your bar. Trying to force the opponent to tap out can therefore degenerate into a strong fumbling. Equally applies as for the counterattack in WWE 2K16, practice makes the master.

Even if the channel screen, it makes you pretend, the right stick must not be rotated in a circle.
Rather, it is sufficient if you move the stick directly to the left or the right or in the corresponding corner.
So if you want to have your stripes to the lower left, don’t rotate the stick in the direction, but pull it to the desired location.
As attacker you control the red semicircle. The attacker would have to stock up on the opposing beams, bar and so colorize the field yellow, to force the enemy to surrender. It must not be shrouded the entire opposing beams.
The defender controls the blue semicircle. Try the opponent's bar to escape, as long as until the task handle is released.
Gather shining globe, you can escape more quickly from the submission move or force the opponent to faster task.
About the Boost option (triangle or Y) your bar is faster. So you can get caught or stock up more quickly the opposing beams. In this way, the handling is more difficult.