WWE 2K16: Tips for new reversal / counter attack system

You can find some useful tips and tricks for the counterattack in WWE 2K16, the latest wrestling game from 2K Games.

The developers have revised the counter system at the request of many players. With the new revamped reversal system you can now no longer play wild, but must tackle the counterattack / reversal button with demand. In the original setting, the control button for reversals is back right on the R2 and RB position.

WWE 2K16: New reversal system

- Once an opponent coming in for attack, the symbol of the reversal button appears above your Superstar.
- Now you have optimally timed knock on R2 or RB to perform the counterattack.
- If the symbol lights up green, indicating a reversal you will be deducted, with red attacks you lose two frames for counter-moves.
- Timing is crucial, so it brings you nothing, permanently on the reversal button. Rather, you have to wait for the right moment to press.
- The counterattacks load by itself in the match-course again.

Observed the opponents carefully, trying to make out the date on which the counterparty will attach to his shock, handle or other Move. Especially at the beginning you will have to plug in a few strokes. Soon you can foresee the opponent's attacks and reliable insights for the right moment for the reversal.

WWE 2K16: Tips for countering and reversing your opponent's moves

If you permanently have trouble countering, controlling the settings. Move the Reversal slider to the far right, to increase the time period for the reversal. With the new counter system, developers have decelerated the match action and further expanded the tactical component in the fight.