10 Worst Defenders in PES 2016

PES 2016 has cast excellent quarterbacks, but there are also many weak defenders. We prepared the list of the 10 worst players in defense. In the ranking there are names like Emanetoglu, Llaneras and Kaidash, all with terrible passes and defense rather limited. Check out which players should be avoided at all costs in PES 2016:

V. Nava

Worst defender of the whole game, Nava is still young, but should not excite even the most optimistic of fans with his features. With lousy level, the side has very low numbers on all attributes, and promises strong disappointment for the team.

A. Emanetoglu

The Turkish Emanetoglu is tall and strong, but with the ball at his feet is a terror to teammates. With bad ball control and very little speed, it is rare to see him get some contain forward.

F. Kramer

Even experienced, Kramer appears to have not yet learned the "field shortcuts" and suffers from very low numbers for all relevant skills. His weak point is the tackling and positioning, leaving the teammates on hand at almost every opportunity.

J. Llaneras

The 24 years Venezuelan is the typical clumsy defender, who lacks technique on the ball. Passes, tackles and even simple ball fields are not at all easy for the player.

F. Manuel

With little frail physique and agility, Manuel seems to have all the most serious defects for a defensive player. To make matters worse, the defender is still very slow and bad in aerial moves.

D. Nicholls

In addition to hurt constantly, the Irish player also stands for the terrible sense of positioning, which will put you in the wrong place virtually throughout the game.

A. Trueba

Even young Argentine suffers from shortness of breath, bringing down much performance after a few minutes. To make matters worse, little technical and slowness in tackling defender make a real customer for the attackers.

R. Kalcher

The German Kalcher is only 30, but already shows signs of age in PES 2016. In addition to little explosion and strength, the defender is too heavy and inactive in offensive plays.

V. Kaidash

If the recovery ball is one of the most important jobs of a defender, Kaidash should choose another position to act. With very limited numbers for tackles and marking, it is not difficult to see the defender spend an entire game without touching the ball.

I. Bridges

Top Rated list, Bridges is not much different from competitors when it comes to performance. Big guy, the defender can be bad in aerial moves, and also has many problems with short and long passes.