10 Worst Goalkeepers available in FIFA 16

EA's football video game Fifa 16 brings the world of football stars and also has room for players from more modest alloys, which are not always good options to strengthen your team at Ultimate Team or in Career mode. In the "B side" of the EA simulator, you can find players with very low numbers in several attributes. Kill the curiosity and discover the list of the ten worst goalkeepers in the FIFA 16.

1. Barry Richardson

Traditionally occupied by less experienced players, the list of the worst goalkeepers FIFA 16 surprised to be headed by one of the older players in the game. The Barry Richardson, of Wycombe, is 46 and boasts the worst numbers among all the players in the position.

2. Sam Hornby

The English Burton Albion still have a lot to learn, but meanwhile Sam promises to be a very safe option even for virtual goals from FIFA 16. With bad positioning and handling the ball, the goalkeeper is not suitable for even the most modest teams.

3. Dion Henry

A very slow goalkeeper can cause real catastrophes in very simple throws, and that is the problem of young Henry, of Peterborough. To make matters worse, the English also has very good numbers in other attributes.

4. Corey Chambers

The goalkeeper Bray Wanderers has relatively balanced numbers (when compared to others of the same level), but even that makes him more desirable presence on a team. In practice, Chambers demonstrates chronic difficulties in virtually all attributes.

5. Harry Lewis

Slowest of the entire list, the young Lewis certainly put his team in trouble during the matches of FIFA 16, either with long shots, free kicks or more conservative attempts.

6. Peter Denton

Despite the good height, Denton, Hartlepool can not compensate his other technical deficiencies, places in the worst ten in the game. Slow reflexes, bad positioning and a terrible ball out are his trademarks in Fifa 16.

7. Ben Kelly

The Irish goalkeeper Ben Kelly is only 18, but neither the young age helps justify the lack of quality of the game. With weak numbers on all attributes, it is difficult to justify the escalation of the young.

8. Jack Stevens

Another young man on the list of worst position players in FIFA 16, Jack Stevens operates in the lower divisions of the English Premier League, and should not be successful in ways that the Ultimate Team or even career.

9. Alan Smith

With ace last name, the Irish Alan Smith does not repeat the quality of the profession mate. Negative highlights are the ball out, positioning and handling the ball, which leave much to be desired.

10. Devlin Mackay

Mackay has little to celebrate over his attributes in FIFA 16. With a height below average and bad numbers in just about all the basics, it is impossible to give the Scot to some of the game team.