2016: 10 Most Anticipated PS4 games of the year

The PS4 gets quite anticipated games in 2016, like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and No Man's Sky. With so many new developments for the coming year, we have prepared a list of 10 exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4 more expected in 2016. Unfortunately, some left out because they will release only for PlayStation VR, as Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted 4, one of the most anticipated games of 2015 was postponed to the first half of 2016 on the grounds of the Naughty Dog "build a certain end," namely, that pleases the players, since this may be the last game of the franchise.

The story is set three years after Drake's Deception, the third game in the Uncharted series, originally released in 2011.

No Man's Sky

The independent game was announced at E3 2014 and promises a virtually infinite universe with millions of planets, all exploitable and automatically generated by the game, each with particular characteristics of flora and fauna.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Developed by Guerrilla Games, the Killzone series, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a very ambitious RPG. In it, the player takes control of Aloy, a hunter and archer trying to survive the post-apocalyptic world full of mechatronic beings.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Nearly 20 years after the release of the original game, the Square Enix finally heard the fans and is in Final Fantasy VII remake of the production process. Set to be released in episodes, the saga will begin in 2016, but no date fix for the last chapter.

The remake will bring not only the graphics, but also new battle system and gameplay.

The Last Guardian

Following the iconic ICO and Shadow of Colossus, The Last Guardian was announced in 2009 and has appeared several times in lists of the most anticipated games of the year in the Sony consoles.

However, according to the Nipponese company, the game will finally be released in 2016. However, the absence of title on PlayStation Experience has left many suspicious players with the possibility of a further postponement.

Persona 5

The latest title in the main franchise, Persona 4, was released in 2008, yet for PlayStation 2, and achieved great success, becoming one of the Japanese RPGs most appreciated by fans. In 2016 the saga returns now with versions for PS4 and also for PS3.

Street Fighter 5

The game will be exclusive to the PS4 on the islands, but also have PC version. One new feature is the possibility of battles between players from both platforms, something rare in the world donates games. The title will count initially 16 fighters, including the Fang beginners, Necalli and Brazilian Laura.

Yakuza 6

The West has not even received the Yakuza 5 game, but Sega has already announced - and released a trailer - Yakuza 6, set to be released in late 2016.

Visually stunning, the video shows scenes of battles and movements of the characters, showing that it is making good use of the PlayStation 4 power.

Gran Turismo Sport

Although not belong to the first step of the franchise, Gran Turismo Sport will feature three game modes: Campaign, Sports Mode and Arcade.

The title still have a partnership with FIA, which organizes the game at least two tournaments. GTS will also release for the PS VR, which promises even greater realism.

Ratchet & Clank

The beloved characters from the PS2 era will be back with everything in 2016. In addition to the game, Ratchet & Clank also get a feature film next year that tells a new version of the story of heroes.

The title for the PlayStation 4 will follow the script of the film, and both will be one re-imagined version of the game originally released in 2002.


As with all lists, some games were left out. This is the case of Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream, Dreams, Media Molecule, and Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, as they have no confirmed release dates set yet. The list also not included some unique games from the PlayStation VR, virtual reality glasses from Sony, as Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, exclusive version of the PS4 released in 2015.

Other honorable mentions of exclusive PlayStation 4 are Ace Combat 7, fighter aviation simulator, which will also support the PS VR; and Paragon, one MOBA of Epic Games, the studio franchise Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. And of course, the PS4 will still receive many multiplatform games like Dark Souls anticipated 3, DOOM, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Tom Clancy's The Division, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Far Cry Primal, Final Fantasy XV, among others.