All Easter Eggs Locations in Just Cause 3

Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3 are not always useful, but most of them are funny. In our guide we'll show you what we have found so far and their locations including coordinates.

Doge Mode Easter Egg

To unlock this eater egg, you must first visit to the Soliana in Massos, and look for the scrap yard. There you will find a little black dog with a blue bandana. The Doge Mode is unlocked once you take him across the road to his kennel. Now, from the menu go to the options then select - hud yep, it's doge - use the coordinates N 40 44 387/37 030 E 5 to close the cell found in scrap yard.

Stargate Teleporter Easter Egg

Head to the western part of the map, in Trio at Porto Darsena - coordinates N 40 42 288/35 210 E 5. Once you arrive at the location of the Easter Eggs, look for a wall with four switches then actuate them in order 143421 (1 = the switch on the left, 4 = the switch on the right). Now you can jump into the large opening without any problem. Then this Easter Egg brings you to Costa Sud. There is the other side of the teleporter. To open this gate you have to press the switch in the following order: 2-1-4-1-2-4.

Big Head Gun / DK Pistol Easter Egg

This Easter Egg can be found In the village of Vico Platessa in the Trio province of Insula Dracon - coordinates N 40 42 592/35 105 E 5. On a rock you will find a DK Pistol. Once you have unlocked this, your head will grow. And not just that: once you shoot a person with this weapon his head will also.

Pogo Stick Easter Egg

Pogo Stick Easter Egg is located in the right corner of the city skyscrapers in Regno, Di Ravello - coordinates N 40 44 316 / E5 38,710. At the top of the roof you will find the next Easter Egg. With this you can easily travel / bounce through the streets.

Bolo’s Frozen Bananas Easter Egg

This Easter Egg in Just Cause 3 is an allusion to the comedy series Arrested Development, starring Jason Bateman, "about a wealthy family who lost everything and have a son, who could not help, as they all hold together." The Banana Stand can be found in Citate Di Ravello at the coordinates N 40 44 198/38 748 E 5.

ET Landfill Easter Egg

You can find Landfill near the coordinates N 40 47 / E 5 35. Once you find this, you have to fire an explosive to find the Easter Egg. Here you discover discarded Just Cause 1 and Just Cause 2 Games.

Dark Souls Bonfire Easter Egg

This Easter Egg is located at coordinates N 40 41. 218 / E5 35. 006 Travel there and you will discover an assault rifle on a rock, near a pond. If you are near, "Light the Bonfire" in the Action button appears. Thus you can, like in Dark Souls, ignite the bonfire.

Mile High Club Easter Egg

Do you remember the Mile High Club in Just Cause 2? This nightclub, which was led by Baby Panay, Rico had destroyed it in Just Cause 2. You will find it as an Easter Egg in Just Cause 3. It is only one of stranded wreck at the coordinates N 40 49 052/36 771 E 5 on Insula Strate, in the north of the Maestrale province. In Lacos you can find a Van, which you can steal and use. Once you go around with this, it will play music from the Mile High Club and the party-Van is available to you.

Bull Riding Easter Egg

This Easter Egg can be found on Insula striate at coordinates N 40 49 052/36 771 E 5, in the wreck of Mile High Club. There is a bull running around. Sneak behind the bull until the action button appears to activate, and press the corresponding button.

Thor’s Hammer Easter Egg

At the coordinates N 40 48 / E 5 40, northwest of Montana, you will find another Easter Egg. It is just lying in the mountain, which is probably caused by the fact that the hammer of Thor has fallen.

Snowman Easter Egg

In Just Cause 3, you go to a sunny island called Medici. You should come across as a snowman, it is one of Easter Eggs in the game. You will find the snowman at coordinates N 40 45 639/45 874 E 5. There you will also find one of the most coveted vintage parts.

The Dress Easter Egg

Go to the top of a building at coordinates N 40 44. 186 E 5 38.681. Each at one end of the balcony you will find two ladies with two different colored dresses.

Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 Easter Egg

The fans of Final Fantasy 7 do not want to miss this easter egg. It is lying on a rock deep in the icy mountains of Montana, at the coordinates N 40 48 277/43 364 E 5. Like Thor's hammer this sword belongs to the Easter Egg that have no benefit, but it looks great.

Soapbox Car Easter Egg

Once the Act 1 ends, you will get access to the next Easter Egg - soapbox car. Immediately following the last mission you can go straight into the base, in which the soapbox car is available. In Just Cause 3, you will need this car to unlock the Achievement "Feet Fetish." Push it with another car to the starting position at the exit. You can also try to run it with the grappling hook to the right place.

Giant Rubber Duck Easter Egg

At the coordinates N 40 46. 342/42 767 E 5, in Val de Mar, you will find a giant rubber duck. Fortunately, it is not only one of the Easter Eggs for viewing but this rubber duck can also use as watercraft. For this you have to draw them but only with your grappling hook into the water.