Best 5 Weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, you can choose between two categories of weapons: melee and ranged weapons. There are also weapons with mixture of both, and therefore it is highly recommended to use them in order to master the complex battles in Xenoblade X. Here, we have picked five best weapons include both melee and ranged weapons in the game.

1. Gatling Gun: Maximum Level 4 "Bastion Warrior" - This weapon is quite handy and can be used for local and long-range combat – it is a mixture of both melee and range.

2. Photon Saber: Maximum Level 4 "Galactic Knight" - you get a bonus to melee and ranged attacks once you have upgraded to maximum level 4.

3. Psycho Launcher: Maximum Level 4 "Galactic Knight" - you have reached your weapon upgraded level to the maximum level, you will get the same bonuses as in Longsword.

4. Dual Sword: Maximum Level 4 "Full metal Jaguar" - The Dual sword is a melee weapon, and upon reaching the maximum level you will get bonuses to hit accuracy and evasion.

5. Longsword: Maximum Level 3 "Samurai Gunner"- Once you have reached to the maximum level you will get bonus to HP and melee attacks.