Carmen Sandiego Returns beginner’s guide iPhone / iPad

Carmen Sandiego Returns is the latest game in the mystery games series Carmen Sandiego. In the game for iPhone and iPad (iOS), the villain (leader of the international mafia VILE) is the main mastermind behind crimes around the world and it's up to you to gather the clues and solve the mystery.

Before starting to act as a detective ACME, the game asks you to create your profile. To do this, you have to activate the camera of your device and take a picture for your badge. Then enter your name and age to complete the registration.

At the beginning of the Carmen Sandiego Returns, the player can choose a different game option. In the tutorial, the first mission is the Case of the Mystery Money, in which the villains of VILE created a counterfeit currency to devalue the world economy. Simply click on the desired event to start it.

The player has two travel options: normal (takes 10 hours) and express (which takes two hours, but it costs 50 coins). As the user needs to resolve cases in a week (or 168 hours), express trip can be a good option. Ideally, however, is trying to use the normal travel when time permits. While the first trip for each event is guaranteed, the next destination always offer three options and it's up to you to seek clues to help you figure out which one is right.

Upon arriving at the destination city, the player can use finger to explore the screen and look for clues and witnesses. Simply keep your finger pressed on a point of interest. If a clue is found at the scene, a circle will be completed and a new screen with the new track opens.

To remember the clue, simply click the magnifying glass icon in the main menu of the case (which can be accessed through the digital icon in the lower right of the screen). When you have enough clues and certainty, go to the travel menu to follow the suspect.

Throughout the game, the witness is to give insight into the suspect's crime. Details like tattoos or jewelry give clues about the real criminal. Every time a track is found, select the last icon up down the case of the menu to fill the suspect's profile.

Every time a track is added, the game accesses the Acme database to filter the remaining suspects. When only one suspect remains, it's time to issue the arrest warrant. For this, there are two options: normal (which takes 10 hours) and express (immediate, but it costs 250 coins).

Normally, after the issuance of the arrest warrant, the criminal will try to escape through the VILE Tunnel Network. At this point, the game switches to a mode of action in first person in which you must move the screen with your fingers to escape the obstacles and not let the criminal escape. If you can find him in time, he is arrested and the case closed.