CoD Black Ops 3: GobbleGum / perk abilities and effects

In Zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 there is a Gobblegum machine, which supplies you with GobbleGum balls. These are actually Perks and give you bonuses in the fight against the zombies.

To use the Gobblegum machine in Black Ops 3, you have to save up 500 points during the game. Once you have done that, you can unlock the Gobble Gum machine. Each round you get a Gobblegum or a perk. The below table give you an overview of the individual effects.

Aftertaste - You can keep all the Perks after revive (Immediately Ready for 3 rounds)
Alchemical Antithesis - Get 1 ammo for every 10 points (Ready for 30 sec)
Always Done Swiftly - Move faster while aiming - (Ready for 3 rounds)
Danger Closest - Suffer no explosion damage (Ready for 3 rounds)
Dead of Nuclear Winter - A Nuke power-up spawns (When activated, 2x)
Ephemeral Enhancement - Turn equipped weapon into "Pack A Punched" (When activated, 2x - 30 sec)

Firing On All Cylinders - Can shoot while sprinting (Ready for 3 rounds)
Immolation liquidation - Spawns a Firesale power-up (When activated, 2x)
Impatient - Your re-spawn with the last living zombie (Immediately, 1x)
I'm Feelin' Lucky - spawns a random power-up (when activated, 1x)
In Plain Sight - Ignored by Zombies For 10 sec. (When activated, 1x)
Killing Time - All zombies freeze for 20 sec. (When activated, 1x)
Kill Joy - spawns an Instakill power-up (When activated, 2x)
Licensed Contractor - Spawns a Carpenter Power-Up (When activated, 3x)
Lucky Crit - Additional chance of activating alternate ammo (Ready for Round 1)
Now You See Me - All zombies reach you for 10 sec. (When activated, 1x)
On The House - Receive free random Perk (When activated, 1x)
Perkaholic - Receive All Perks (Immediately, 1x)
Phoenix Up - All players will be revived (When activated, 1x)
Pop Shocks - Melee attacks deal Zombies shock damage (Ready for 5 attacks)
Respin Cycle - Magic Box contains a different weapon (When activated, 2x)
Stock Options - Automatic filling of ammunition (Ready for 5 min)
Sword Flay - 5x damage on melee attacks (Ready for 2.5 min)
Wall Power - the weapon taken off a Wall is automatically "Pack A Punched" (Now, until the next purchase)
Who's Keeping Score - Spawns a Double points-power-up (When activated, 2x)