Destiny: Sparrow Racing tips

During the period of December 8 to December 29, The Taken King is not only a first-person shooter, but also expanded to include a racing game. You can enjoy this offer if you own the expansion "The Taken King". This is again a blow for fans who only have the main game. The new update 2.1.0 has implemented the Racing, and also brings the following two racing tracks into play:

1. Campus Martius in Meridian Bay on Mars.
2. Maat Mons on Venus - Infinite descent

Sparrow Race: Rules

- 6 players can participate in a race and drive 3 laps around a track for the 1st place.
- Players can push away each other and collide with obstacles on the track.
- Pass through gates on the track give a temporary speed boost.
- In addition, difficult enemies like Fallen and Vex get ahead and take you on the track under attack.
- According to Bungie, there will be no Sparrow Models that are superior to others, as long as your Sparrow is at least legendary (purple).

Rewards in the Sparrow-Racing

Your contact person in relation to rewards for Sparrow racing league is Amanda Holliday in the tower. With her you get a quest in which you first have to earn a racing license. As a reward you get a new Sparrow and you can henceforth get forays for the racing league of her. By its completion you earn you reputation with the racing league, which increases your chance of getting better rewards after each race. The rewards are:

- New helmets and class items that increase your light level up to 320 can.
- Racing equipment, although you are not higher light levels, but perks bestowed for the race.

Tess Everiss also sells new items relating to the racing league. This includes:

- Emotes
- Sparrow Designs
- Different horn sounds
- A Book of Records, Shader and emblems, which you can unlock by completing new challenges.

Sparrow racing Tips

- Your chances of success increase considerably if you pass through all glowing blue gates for more speed. It affects significantly to the boost if you missed a gate in between.
- To keep the balance, the boost for the winners Goals are always somewhat narrower than for the underlying.
- The successive passing through the gates helps you to increase your reputation with the Racing and lets you unlock higher racing licenses faster.
- Weapons and abilities cannot be used during the race. However, the Sparrows are quite - destroyed when their competitors shove into obstacles.
- Pressing the analog stick can evade your opponent's attacks. So always watch your position and be ready to attack.
- Drive the far 2 available routes again and again to get to know them and to discover shortcuts.