Destiny The Taken King - Unlock New Armor Shaders - DLCs

In Destiny: The Taken King, with Shader Items you can individualize and customize your armor. However, to unlock new Shaders you have to deal with with particular missions, in the crucible unsubscribe PvP battles and hope for good rewards from Cryptarch. A few shaders you can acquire at Eva Levante. The following table shows you a list of new Shader and how you can unlock them.

Beltane - To get this Shader you have to complete the "The Old Hunger" quest. (Legendary)

Vena cava - Complete the “Road To King’s Fall Quest” (Legendary)

Feud Unfading - Complete The Wolves of Mars quest (Legendary)

Vallsgärde - You can get this Shader from Cryptarch (Legendary)

Lion Dancer - Get this as a reward one from Cryptarch (Legendary)

Chalcedony - Crucible Playlist (Legendary) - Complete a PvP match to get a shot.

Yesternight - Crucible Playlist (Legendary)

Chanson De Geste - Crucible Playlist (Legendary) - Complete a Vanguard Strike

Autumn Splendor - Complete the Taken King quest (Rare)

Tristesse - Complete the Taken King quest (Rare)

Anahata - Get this as a reward one from Cryptarch (Rare)

Cyan Stars - Complete a Vanguard Strike (Rare)

Burnt Marshmallow - Complete a Vanguard Strike (Rare)

Mostly Cloudy - Complete a Vanguard Strike (Rare)

Unpaid Debt - Complete a Vanguard Strike (Rare)

Atlantean 5055 - Get this Shader from Eva Levante (Rare)

Blue Marble - From Eva Levante (Rare)

Chrysanthemum - From Eva Levante (Rare)