Anyone who has not completed the infamous 101 The Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (G.O.A.T.) in Vault successfully might need one or two cheat in the wasteland of Fallout. 3 We have listed you the most important cheats and commands for you to survive out there.

To enter the cheats in the console press [^].

The following cheat codes are general in nature

tgm - Gives invincibility to damage
tcl - No clipping mode
tfc - Toggle free camera control
tm - Toggle the HUD Off
ttm1 - All Mapmakers / all cities are displayed
unlock - Open doors etc
kill - Kill selected target
killall - All visible enemies are killed
resurrect - Revive dead target
disableallmines - Deactivate mines
closeallmenus - Close menu
set timescale to # - # Is the new value of the speed with which time passes

The below shown cheat codes are related to your Vault Dweller.

showracemenu - Open Character Creation screen
shownamemenu - Change name
sexchange - Change Gender
modpca (special) # - Change # with SPECIAL Value  (z. B. luck 3)
setspecialpoints # - Receive # special points
advlevel - Ascend a Level
getXPfornextlevel - XP show up to the next level
player.setlevel # - Bring your level to #
player.ForceAV # - Setting the skill level / value
enableplayercontrols - Can move in sequences
rewardKarma # - Get points # Karma
player.setav skill # - Set Skill Level to #
player.modav skill # - Skill modify (player.modav luck 10)
player.setav special # - Receive # special points
addperk - All Perks
player.modav action points # - Max. Set Action Points
player.modav carry weight # - Max. Set load
player.modScale <1 or -1> - (-1) Is the normal size
rewardxp xxx - Replace XXX number with the desired experience points
setpccanusepowerarmor 1 - To enable to use Power Armor
setpcyoung - You're a kid again

Quest related cheats

getquestcomplete / getqc - Complete all quest items immediately
getquestcompleted - Complete current quest
completeallobjectives / complete quest - Solved quest tasks
reset quest - Reset Quest
MoveToQuestTarget / movetoqt - Move a player to current quest target

Money cheats

player.placeatme objectID  - Insert 000000A (pins) or 000000F (money)
player.additem 0000000F X - Replaced X with the desired amount of money
SetBarterGold X - Merchant has X Caps


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