Grand Theft Auto Online: VIP / Executives and Criminals guide

You can become a VIP in the latest DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online, Executives and Other. However, not every player can become a VIP because you should have at least one million dollar in your bank account in the game. In addition, your time is limited to 4 hours
 To become a VIP, check your smartphone and look at interaction menu in SecuroServ App. Here you can search for a VIP or even you can let you hire as a bodyguard. In any case, your new game modes, skills and challenges are then revealed.

All VIP jobs at a glance

As a VIP bodyguard you have the choice of six new jobs.

Hostile Takeover: Collect a package from LSIA, Fort Zancudo, Altruist Camp or Merryweather Base and deliver it.
Asset Recovery: Steal confiscated vehicles from police stations and deliver them to the destination.
Piracy Prevention: Protect the luxury yacht of VIPs against attackers.
Executive Search: Protect VIP as bodyguard - 10 minutes.
Sightseer: The VIP must hack some terminals on the Map to reveal packages.
Executive Deathmatch: An open Deathmatch among VIPs, where everyone has only 10 lives and 20 minutes on the clock

All VIP challenges at a glance

Most Wanted: All members of the organization receive a 5 star wanted level. Who is still alive after 10 minutes wins.
Market Manipulation: Break-in many stores as possible. Who steal the most money, wins.
Auto Buyout: All players must steal and deliver as many vehicles as possible. The total value of the vehicles decides the victory. So steal expensive vehicles makes.
Point to Point: The VIP determines the finish line in this point-to-point race.
Courier Service: Players must find money bags and deliver. Other players need to avoid this in order to secure himself the money.
Due Diligence: Collect packages that are marked by beacons. With the app Trackify you can track it. Each pack gives you 100 dollars and the player with the most wins.

All VIP perks at a glance

-  Provide up to three players as bodyguards.
- VIPs can provide things such as weapons. Ammunition or the new bulletproof limousine.
- As a VIP you are the boss of a criminal organization and even can specify the dress code.
- As a ghost organization you can even hide your bodyguards on the minimap.
- You can accept VIP jobs and complete co-op missions in free mode and VIP PvP challenges.
- The special abilities of VIPs including weapons and ammunition procurement, supply special vehicles and the removal of investigation levels.
- The VIP gets a cut from all bodyguards’ earnings in free mode.

All perks for bodyguards at a glance

Not only VIPs can neatly off with enthusiasm. Even as a bodyguard you get offered:

- Every 15 minutes, you get a fixed salary $ 5,000 by SecuroServe.
- Furthermore, every minute you spend in the orange corona you get 100 RP.
- Your health regenerates if you remain with the VIP
- All the money you get through raids or Event statements in free mode, goes to the VIP.
- If you bring a VIP Limousine, there's bonus-RP.
- Bodyguards spawn at VIP.
- The VIP gives you - depending on his rank - bonuses to your values.