Just Cause 3 All weapons at a glance

You can collect different weapons Special, Two-Handed and Dual-Wield Weapons in Just Cause 3. Often you can find them in a gun safe in a police station that you must first liberate. Here you can discover all kinds of new weapons or often can increase your ammo.

Exotic and Special Weapons

Apart from the vintage weapons in Just Cause 3, you have the possibility of finding special weapons. However they are not easy to find. For this you have to collect all vintage parts.

Two-Handed Weapons

In Just Cause 3, two-handed weapons are rifles and shotguns. You can get them by completing the first five missions. There are four different assault rifles, a machine gun and two shotguns. The below list gives you the value of each weapon.

Assault Rifle: U-39 Plechovka - The damage of this weapon is the worst in its class, as well as the precision. Generally, this assault rifle is rather average. Only the capacity of the magazine will delight you.
Assault Rifle: CS Predator - This gun has a mediocre damage and a good capacity. However, it is quite stable in your hand.
Assault Rifle: CS27 Misfortune - This rifle has a high damage and a high stability and capacity.
Assault Rifle: UPM61 - High damage, precision and stability at the expense of capacity. Search for ammunition and you will be happy with this weapon.
Machine Gun: URGA Vdova 89 - This weapon has a good damage and very high capacity. However, the precision is not exactly a plus.
Shotgun: U-96 Kladivo - Of the two two-handed shotguns in at Just Cause 3, this has a higher stability.
Shotgun: Automat U12 - This automatic shotgun is only half as strong as the Kladivo, but has a higher capacity and rate of fire.

Dual-Wield Weapons

This category includes pistols, machine guns and special weapons. In one respect, however, they are alike: there are always two of them, that you may be well equipped in the left and in the right hand.

You can unlock this weapon category once you collect all vintage parts.

Pistol: U-55S Pozhar - the damage of this pistol is not much high, but has a slightly larger magazine and higher stability compared to its competitor.
Pistol: CS Spectre Mark V - Do you want a gun with high damage, then grab yourself this. But always take care to collect enough ammunition.
Submachine Gun: Prizrak U4 - The damage is not high enough in relation to its capacity. You should definitely look for another.
Submachine Gun: CS Wraith 225R - Unfortunately, the damage of this weapon is not much better, but it has a high capacity and the highest rate of fire in its class.
Submachine Gun: CS 9 PDW-K - This MP caused the highest loss in its class and is also very stable in the hand. For this you have to do with a lower rate of fire.
Exotic: CS44 Peace Bringer - This exotic weapon caused a decent damage and has a high precision and stability.
Exotic: U-24 Zabijak - Unfortunately, capacity and stability are not particularly good in this weapon.

Special Weapons

Grenade launchers, rocket launchers and sniper rifles are included in this particular category of weapons. The rate of fire is usually low, but the damage is high. You will receive the special weapons when you liberate military bases.

Rocket Launcher: UVK-13 - With this rocket launcher you can easily fend off everything that you engage.
Rocket Launcher: Fire Leech - This is divided into eight devastating small rockets.
Rocket Launcher: Capstone Hydra - This one launches a shot no less than five missiles as deadly as the Hydra itself.
Grenade Launcher: CS Negotiator - This grenade launcher has explosive high-speed projectiles, which you should simply use up to the middle of the opponents.
Grenade Launcher: UPU-210 – This would fire six shells per shot.
Sniper Rifle: USV 45 Sokol – You can unlock two weapons of this kind In Just Cause 3. This one causes less damage, but it has a higher rate of fire.
Sniper Rifle: CS110 Archangel - Archangel caused an extreme damage and has a high stability. Do you need a sniper rifle, then this one is recommended here.