Just Cause 3 CS Odjur, Bavarium, Urga Bkolos Tanks locations

Here you will find the locations of all three tanks in Just Cause 3

During the gameplay you can unlock three tanks CS Odjur, Imperator Bavarium and Urga Bkolos 2100. This you do by capturing the military bases Below, we show you the location of all tanks and give you the coordinates of the of military bases.

CS Odjur Tank Location

This tank has a mounted machine gun and a big gun. You get it unlocked if you have conquered the "Old Potentia" - Military base. This is located at the coordinates 48.350N, 40.050E.

Imperator Bavarium Tank Location

The Imperator Bavarium tank is the strongest tank in the game. It has a powerful 76-mm gun and can be maneuvered well. You get it when you captured the "Cava Montana" –Military base at coordinates 49.920N,

Urga Bkolos 2100 Tank Location

The Urga Bkolos 2100 tank is available as single not by conquest of a military base, but you can unlock it if you conquered the radio tower from Cima Leon. This is located at the coordinates 42.035N, 43.325E.

Just Cause 3, CS Odjur, Bavarium, Urga Bkolos, Tanks locations