P vs Z Garden Warfare 2: classes and game modes overview

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (P vs Z GW 2) is the latest offshoot title from Electronic Arts. Set for release in 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, the title continues the success of the Garden Warfare where players enter online teams of plants and zombies to battle in large arenas, with the most diverse classes. In GW 2, the zombies are in power and for the first time the plants need to go on the offensive to regain control of Suburbia. Recently we had the opportunity to preview the game. Here is an overview of single player (solo Mode), battle ground, character classes, secrets and customization elements!

Crazy Settings

The crazy settings let you turn hilarious and really wacky options:

- Low gravity: make inordinate leaps on all maps, not just on the moon!
- Infinite Ammo: all characters have unlimited ammo and weapons do not overheat.
- Simple Mode Explosion: explode when the characters are eliminated ...
- Less health, you die: all the characters have a maximum health 1 ... Instant Elimination guaranteed!
- General Speed Boost: All characters move faster.
- Super projection mode: wounded characters are thrown far back ... really, really far!

Single Player / Solo Play / Solo Mode

Enjoy the most popular mode of franchising as you like! You can set your game in every detail, and even choose your teammates. Try hundreds of combinations of plants or zombies, and create the ideal team!

Choose the most appropriate teammates to triumph on a specific card, or simply select your favorite fighters ... You're the leader!
You customized your characters? All your settings will be preserved when creating your team!

Playable Characters and Customization Elements

Among the new six characters to unlock, both in plants and in Zombies. The other four are legendary figures, with devastating powers

In plants:

- Citron / Lemon: a quick and deadly hunter time, with a powerful laser beam
- Rose: a witch with many magical powers
- Kernel Corn: a corn cob with two machine guns

In Zombies:

Imp: a small, fast and agile zombie
Super Brainz: a super crazy zero, persuaded to be overkill
Captain Deadbeard: a pirate zombie loving dirty tricks

During their presentation, the developers of Plant VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2 announced that there would be over 4000 customization elements. Class!

Backyard Battle Ground

This is the real novelty of P vs Z GW 2: an open mode, persistent, playable solo and cooperation! This battleground carries the sweet name of Backyard (Battle Ground). This mode is very well supplied because you can explore and interact with dozens of mini-games scattered on the map. Even better, you can invite your friends to downright delirious with them!

Depending on whether you play the Zombies, or plants, the Battle Ground remains the same. The map consists of five main areas: the Plant Base, Plant area a No Man's Land, the area of the Zombies and Zombies Base. Players can meet patrols of the opposing faction, very convenient to train and gain levels! The best: the center of the combat zone, a flag. Interact with trigger the Flag game mode power, which is to resist the maximum of enemy waves possible.

Finally, the main interest of the Backyard Battle Ground is that it is your own "warp room." From there, you can play rotating quests, join online or go Ops Garden (various solo missions, to discover the history of the characters).

P vs Z GW 2 has an enjoyable gameplay, accessible and downright fun. The multitude of proposed content adds a great interest in fashion and Soloplay Battle Ground, game modes are varied and fun.

The maps are numerous, very large and detailed and stick perfectly to the crazy world of Plant VS Zombies.

However we regret the absence of mini map, which would not have been a luxury. Finally, it is impossible to know where the player is attacked in Battle Ground, following the absence of damage indicator...