Rainbow Six Siege beginner’s guide

With the latest offshoot title Siege, the Rainbow Six video game franchise return to its roots and presents you a tactical shooter in which only deliberate approach leads to success. To help you get started, you can watch the tips in video guides look under the menu item tutorials. For each Watched Video you get a reward. Our first entry-tips relate to the modes and there are three different modes to choose from.

Situations: Here you learn the basics of Rainbow Six: know victory and earn stars. Altogether there are 10 situations to master. However, you must always wait for the previous one to finish to play a new one. If you want to earn all 3 stars, then you have to take the special challenges during the mission (achieving approximately 4 headshots or not lose too much health). Additionally, you can choose between three difficulty levels Normal, Hard and select realistic. The higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards for experience points.

Terrorist Hunt: Classic co-op mode with five players. Tips: Together you are fighting against terrorists, which are controlled by an AI. Optionally you can also play alone. Here you determine both game mode, map and difficulty.

Multiplayer: 5 vs. 5 matches. Tips: Here you play against other players. Bear in mind that the matches go through several rounds, consisting of different game modes and take place on different maps. During the match, the attackers and defenders change sides after each round.

Tips for the Barricades

- With barricades you can close doors and windows to slow down attackers. Here there are many barricades available to you.
- However, normal barricades are not too tough. Even with a melee attack you can damage them. After three attacks they are completely destroyed.
- It is even faster with weapons such as shotguns or even explosives, remove the barricades with one hit.

Tips for the walls

In Rainbow Six Siege you will come across destructible walls. However, these are made of different materials and require different rates.

- Wood and dry stone walls: These walls can be easily damage with firearms.
- Concrete and metal walls: walls of any kind can be destroyed immediately with explosives.
- Metal frame built walls: These walls are indestructible, but can be damaged in order to create a vision.
Tip: If you are a defender, then place reinforcements on your walls. In each round two reinforcements available - your places them by holding down facing a wall square / X. Attacker recognize fortified walls by the bolts on the other side, they hold.

Tips for the floors

The floors are made of different materials. Some of them can even be destroyed completely.

- Wood and vinyl flooring: These floors can destroy partially. However, concrete and marble are indestructible.
- Trapdoors: Do you see a floor with trapdoors, this can destroyed with an explosive charge and break through the floor below.
Tip: Defenders can install reinforcements to prevent surprises from up.