Squad (video game) strategy guide, tips and cheat codes

Squad is a first-person shooter, in which up to 100 people on the map are fighting each other, and can accommodate a maximum of nine players. The game is still in the early access phase. Many gamers have already made tutorials and uploaded to YouTube. Below we have given you some helpful tips. You will also find in this guide the best introduction videos of Squad fans, to facilitate you the beginning.

The first-person shooter based on four major aspects:

- Realism
- Teamplay
- Communication and coordination
- Leadership Qualities

- A microphone is compulsory in Squad, as the makers put a high value on communication. However, there is also the possibility to send text messages. But rather try to talk to each other using microphone because that's clearly and faster.

- The game does not show you who is friend or foe. You have to figure that out alone. For this reason, you should communicate or look closely.

- In addition, you will not see if someone is dead or not. Again, you must inspect the downed opponent.

- Your point of view is limited, once you are under enemy fire and barrage fires.

- Utilize grenades because they are very effective.

- Sprinting and jumping consume stamina. So stay short while on the ground to replenish your stamina again.

- The map in Squad is 64 square kilometers in size. You can use vehicles to travel long distances. If you need help in a battle that is far away from your team, you have to invest spawn points, so they can help you.

Tips and tricks for communication in Squad

As mentioned above, the first-person shooter Squad builds heavily on communication. So talk with your team members. Here are a few facts to coordinate over the voice radio:

- Use the radio only for important information and keep yourselves short.

- Verify that you also use the correct Radio Key.

- The position of the enemy and their movements you can find out with a view to the coordinate grid of the map. In addition, you have a compass.

- You can also use it to call paramedics.

- If you new, simply say "hello" in the round and making it clear that you are a beginner. Experienced players or team leader can help you.

- Remain in the group. Much of the gameplay mechanics is designed for a group. As a single player you will not get far.

Squad Console Commands - Cheats

Change Teams - You switch to another team.

ChangeTeamsWithId - You can change to a special team. You must specify the team number. Give them only a 0, it moves to the other side.

Chat / Chat <message> / <Chat Type = All | Team | Squad>  Posting a chat message.
ChatToAdmin / ChatToAdmin <message>  With this you sent a message to the system administrators.
ChatToAll / ChatToAll <message> Send a text message to all.
ChatToSquad / ChatToSquad <message> With this command you can send a text message to your squad.
ChatToTeam / ChatToTeam <message> Send your team a chat message.
Create Rally Point - You created a Rally Point at the current position. At this point, spawn your teammates after death.
Create Quad / Create Quad <Name> Create a squad with a name that you can think of.
DisableHudWidgets - This removes all of the indicators Head-over-display (HUD).
DisableUI - This command removes the user interface (UI).
Disconnect - You leave the current server.
Give up - If you are incapacitated, you can give up.
HighResShot / HighResShot <resolution / multiplier>  You can snap a picture with a resolution that you can define - either "3840x2160" or "4".
JoinSquadWithId / JoinSquadWithId <ID> Change Squad within your team 
JoinSquadWithName / JoinSquadWithName <Name> You can change the Squad within your teams and give instead of a ID name.
Leave Quad - You can leave your current squad.
r.SetRes / r.SetRes <resolution> This code changes the resolution.
Reconnect - You connect again to the last server.
ShowNextMap - This cheat displays the next map on which you'll play.
ShowPlayerIds - Player IDs are shown to you.
Stat FPS - This code shows you the current FPS (frames per second, frame rate) on the screen.
Stat Unit - This can make your graphics and rendering settings.
Suicide - Commit suicide, which increases your respawn time.

There are four different ways to open a text chat in Squad:

- Squad chat: key L
- Team chat: key K
- Open Chat: Press J

- Administrator Chat: Can only be used by moderators and Server Administrators