What's New in Batman Arkham Knight: Season of infamy (DLC)

The latest expansion for Batman Arkham Knight, Season of infamy, is available now for players who purchased the Season Pass on PS4 and Xbox One and of course with an Internet connection. No worries for others, this additional content is also available to purchase separately.

What’s new in this DLC? You play Batman in Season of infamy. You must protect Gotham City invasion from legendary villains. Players must face the greatest enemies of the Dark Knight in four separate missions, with new stories involving characters from DC Comics: namely, the Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Ra's Al Ghul and Mr. Freeze.

All new missions

Season infamy missions include:

- Wonderland: the Mad Hatter has vowed to eliminate Batman, dragging in completely delirious battles in Gotham City.
- Beneath The Surface: the greatest detective in the world and Nightwing are going to investigate in Iron Heights prison where resided a flying Killer Croc after his crash off the coast of Gotham City.
- Shadows War: Following the events of Batman: Arkham City, Batman's moral code is strained while the League of Assassins Ra's Al Ghul hands up.
- In From the Cold: Mr. Freeze is back in Gotham City, where he joins immediately plan to eliminate the Scarecrow Batman. Militia kidnapped Nora and the visit Mr. Freeze in exchange for the capture Batman.

Four more varied missions, featuring some of the craziest villains ... That's enough to give a bit of trouble to players.

Additional downloadable content for Batman Arkham Knight

The DLC Season infamy will bring some additional items and packs Batman Arkham Knight. Among them, players will put their hands on:

- Crime Fighter Challenge Pack # 5: Combat and Invisible Predator maps with Batman, the Batmobile, Nightwing, Azrael and Harley Quinn, to train in MMA and discrete incursions invisible Predator.
- 2008 Movie Batman Skin: patrolling the streets of Gotham City with this Batsuit inspired the 2008 movie "The Dark Knight."
- Original Arkham Batmobile: stop the most wanted criminals of Gotham City with this original Batmobile in Arkham Asylum.
- Rocksteady Themed Batmobile Skin: Customize the legendary Batmobile with this skin Rocksteady.
- Batman Skin: Christmas confront your enemies with this combination of leather reinforced after the comic Batman: Christmas (previously exclusive to DC Comics).

Free updates

And finally, free updates for all players. Recent changes include:

- Batsuit v8.05 - Luxury Edition: Players can access this combination ending the game at 240%.
- Classic Harley Quinn Skin: players with the pack Harley Quinn story or "Fighting Crime" # 5 can select this skin, which can be used in the pack Harley history or RA challenges.
- Arkham Knight Skin: players with the pack Red Hood story can select this skin in the character screen for Red Hood, to resemble the Arkham Knight in the pack Red Hood story and the challenges RA.