Black Ops 3 Best Specialists and best weapons for multiplayer

In the main game of CoD: Black Ops 3 you have a choice between 9 specialists. Not all are available from the start and must be unlocked first. The situation is similar with the weapons.

One of the most popular maps in multiplayer mode of Black Ops 3 is Combine. This is a small map that can use your weapons Short Range Devices without problems. On Havoc turn you may have to resort to weapons with greater range. From these and other factors, the decision depends on the best weapon.

The specialists of Black Ops 3, the decision is not easier. Here you have to consider whether you want to get for a brief moment access to a very powerful special weapon, or want to make the maps uncertain in a short time with a futuristic special ability.

The best weapons in Black Ops 3

To be able to make a selection of the best weapons we have tried every weapon on all maps. The test result you can see in the following list. It shows a choice of four weapons, which can be called the best weapons in our opinion.

- Vesper: With its incredibly high rate of fire, it will bring any opponent off his feet. The damage is not very high, but if you can aim well from the waist up, so that you will achieve many kills.

- Pharaoh: This weapon is a bit of a challenge. But if you have first used to the four-round burst, you will notice that the mixture of high damage and high rate of fire is very deadly.

- Man-O-War (Assault Rifle): The low rate of fire of Man-O-War is the enormous damage caused by the assault rifle. You will have to overcome to mean greater distances, it lends itself particularly well. The Man-O-War seems not merely one of the best weapons in Black Ops 3, but most popular one.

- RK5 (pistol): This secondary weapon has often proved to be a little lifesaver and also to serve the potential as a primary weapon, as its powerful three-round burst not give the opponents to rest.

The best specialist in Black Ops 3

The specialists of Black Ops 3 you decide between a special weapon and a special ability. So there you are 18 specials available that determine which is the best specialist in the game. Again, each applies his own. Of all the specialists, the following to be particularly efficient:

- Firebreak: these specialists you can later unlock in the game, but this has its reason. The Firebreak is equipped with a flamethrower, which is deadly to your enemies in close combat. Even if you should even fall in battle, it is fairly easy with this special weapon to attract more enemies in death.

- Reaper: If you like going on sometimes wisely and not simply rush in the fight, the special ability of psychosis in your tactical considerations will be very useful. Do you know that your opponents have holed up in a room, you can first send in your clones and cause confusion in order then to use the chaos and you credit the Kills. On open maps Post your clones used as a motion detector, for they bring your opponents to give treacherous shots.

- Prophet: to deny the multiplayer with this specialist, is not easy. The special ability to cause confusion among the opponents, however, can easily confuse the players themselves. With the Prophet, the developers have created but a way to finally sit down against the enemies that coming from behind. A phenomenon which is not uncommon in Call of Duty. Once you get the hang of, you will escape the opponents may be surprised from behind and thereby also look good death.

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