Blade and Soul: Tips for Beginners

Blade and Soul is officially launched in North America and Europe and already enjoys a large fan base with over one million players. If you are new to this free-to-play MMO, we give you some useful tips and tools to get you started.

Compared to other MMOs Blade and Soul has some special upgrade systems for improving your characters. So it defines the strength of your Characters not different pieces of armor, but to a large extent on your weapon, called Soul Shield and various additional jewelry and gems that give you bonuses.

The entry in Blade and Soul is typical for the genre. You start in the Bamboo Village, refuse the first quest and make you familiar with the basics. Then you should go to the northeast to the site Foshi pyres. Just west of this place you will see an icon on the map in the form of an evil-looking face. This is the Boss Stalker Jiangshi who spawns after a short time and must kill with multiple players. This should not be a problem, since it is constantly besieged by many players.

As Loot get essences with which you are allowed to turn to one of two lucky wheels in the village Foshi pyres. With a little luck you get your first Soul Shield pack which helps you to strengthen your character. In addition, you have the chance of weapons and other precious materials that facilitate you to get started in Blade and Soul. More details about the other game mechanics you read below.

Costumes and equipment

In Blade and Soul, you have the choice between different costumes, which have nothing to do with your status values, but are purely cosmetic.

You can get new costumes in three different ways:

- Quest rewards
- Loot from Bossen
- Ingame Store

You can carry around many costumes with you as you like because there is no limit in the inventory. However, you should not pull costume in the fight, as there is for a penalty to your values.

Equipment does not affect PvP arenas

Equal opportunities for all! No matter how good the gun your opponent is in the PvP arenas does not count the equipment, but only your skill. You enter a PvP arena, both fractions are aligned in their values and with a better weapon gain no advantage. So you can also run a vile and still have the same opportunities as anyone with an endgame weapon. The PvP modes include:

- 1 versus 1
- 3 versus 3

Exceptions are PvE and faction PvP battles. Here you can give your equipment an advantage.

Feeding your Hong Moon Sword

Relatively early at the beginning of the game you get your own Hong Moon Sword. This has the ability to consume other weapons in the game and so improve the values and even to change its appearance in the game. So make sure you find the weapons and don’t need to upgrade your Hong Moon Sword to use. So you can improve it in several stages. The name of the weapon will also change constantly. At certain points you have the gun then develop before it can consume more weapons. You need to Evolution usually two things:

- A special weapon (usually by a boss).
- A particular ingredient, depending on the stage of evolution.

Fortunately, you can see at the ingredients, each directly below wherever you can get. The system works equally well for your created jewelry that you can also feed them with other pieces of jewelry and evolve that way.

The Hong Moon Sword can be upgraded in 6 stages.

Complete Soul Shield Set

Your Soul Shield grants extra bonuses for your character, the more pieces you possess them. You can imagine it as a kind of pizza with eight sections, which you can get as items from quests, bosses or randomly during the game. Some sections increase about your critical strike chance while others increase your hit accuracy.

Sections can be also merged together in order to increase their value and to make stronger. For the fusion you need turn Fusion Powder, which gets you through the disassembly of unneeded portions. You can also use an alternative Soul Shield to switch between different sets.

Socket for Gems

A final way to improve your character, you have the Gems in Blade and Soul. These give you the same as the components of the Soul Shield bonuses to different values as Siphon Life or critical strike chances. These Gems you get from bosses or quests. Here you will also find Gem Fragments, which you can transform into right Gems with use of some money. However, this may also fail and sometimes you need to try several times. The gems you can easily over your inventory on or drop by right-clicking.