Buy Yacht in GTA Online - guide

GTA Online: buy Yacht - how it works

A yacht is only for the players among you who have millions of dollars in the account. If you want to get involved in the yacht club, you must need at least 6 million dollars at the start of the game, because the cheapest model will cost you that much.

Orion: $6M

The entry-level model among the super yachts is available for $ 6 million, and it has a helipad on the aft deck and also ready to hold the following vehicles:

- Shitzu Tropic
- Speedophile Seashark

Pisces: $7M

For 7 million you can buy the Pisces. It has a Helipad on the middle deck and on the quarterdeck you can find a Jacuzzi. At the bow is additionally another helipad. Among the vehicles on the Pisces include:

- Pegassi Speeder
- Nagasaki dinghy
- 2x Speedophile Seashark
- Buckingham Swift Deluxe

Aquarius: $8M

With Aquarius you can buy the most expensive yacht for 8 million. Whirlpools and helipads are located in the same places as in the Pisces, but there are some differences in the design and more sunroofs. The fleet includes:

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- Lampadati Toro
- Nagasaki dinghy
- 4x Speedophile Seashark
- Buckingham Supervolito Carbon

In addition, you can attach gold fittings, change the lighting, adjust the general painting and of course specify your own name for the yacht and attach a flag of the desired country. Each of these upgrades will cost depending on well again 500000-1000000 GTA dollar.

Each yacht comes standard with an automatic air defense system and use different weapons in the interior. These include special carbine, sniper rifles, machine guns battle, steering rocket launchers and proximity mines.

Can you drive the yacht yourself?

Once you have purchased one of the luxury boats, this will not come in a specific port, but it is the Yacht Location anywhere in the sea, which you can determine yourself. Conveniently, an AI-controlled Captain is supplied directly. Unfortunately you cannot control the yacht yourself. You may only specify a point on the map where the yacht will then sail. Each change of destination suggests once again $ 25,000 to book.