CoD Black Ops 3 - All Maps and Modes at a glance

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 there is both small and large maps. This ensures that both preferences be operated. The game differs from its predecessors, and recalls the sequence more like CoD: Advanced Warfare. This could be the reason for a different design of the maps.

Overall, you get the standard edition twelve maps to choose from. Think about exactly which edition you want, because they all have special advantages. Some of them cannot be explicitly classify in straight line, angled or acrobatic. Some offer namely a mixture thereof. Below we show you how the maps should look like and what features they describe.


This Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens are located near the 541-Black Market Zone. This is located in Singapore. The aquarium is an old water park resort. You move between stale fish tank through open courses, which allow a quick gameplay.

- Size: Small
- Type: Linear


Breach is one of the new maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which relies on the acrobatic elements. It is quite twisty and allows with its numerous exterior walls Wallruns. The right choice for fans of the roof-fighting.

- Size: Medium
- Type: acrobatic, twisty


Modern agriculture and sustainability research facility in the Sahara. From the air it looks like a gun Map. There are three major passages, on which you can meet your enemies. Find out which way they choose has a fantastic to meet them or flanked them.

- Size: Small
- Type: Linear


An evacuated zone on an overgrown terrain. It is a flooded quarantine area in Singapore. Those of you, who like to jump around on roofs, will be very pleased with the Map Evac. In addition, the map turns out quite large and thus offers a lot of space, no matter what mode you choose.

- Size: Large
- Design: twisty


A security checkpoint of the quarantine area of Singapore. It is located in a Chinatown neighborhood oceanfront. This map is rather widespread and linear. Nevertheless, you can find some twisty roads to surprise your opponents.

- Size: Large
- Type: Linear, winding side streets


Dusty and forgotten farming town near a space launch zone. If the time does not sound like an exciting backdrop. Fringe is located in rural Southern California. Here you will find many nooks and crannies on a very small map.

- Size: Small
- Design: twisty


A completely destroyed combat zone near a provisional base of operations. It is located in the snow-covered North African desert. The Map enables fast gameplay, since it is very small. Here you are offered a lot of action.

- Size: Small
- Type: Linear


A big game hunting lodge, which is located beneath a waterfall. Geographically it can situate in the mountains of Ethiopia. Also this map is designed very winding and has underground links between different locations on the map. So not as idyllic as it sounds.

- Size: Medium
- Construction: twisty


This map is to replicate the site of a battle in World War II. The event takes place in a small French village. It will stand out to you immediately that it completely different from the rest of the maps because you will not play in the future, but in the past only.

- Size: Large
- Structure: linear, acrobatic side streets


The train station in Zurich is again a futuristic venue. This map is not that big, but still offers some opportunities for an acrobatic style of play. Here you have the space for Wallruns and double jumps and an action packed fight.

- Size: Medium
- Structure: linear, acrobatically


DEAD-defense fortification in the redwood forests of northern California. This forest area offers you another opportunity to fight one-roofs. Not on a large scale, but here you have to occasionally jump from rooftop to rooftop. Otherwise rejoice at the vast trees that pave this map.

- Size: Medium
- Construction: twisty, acrobatically


A technologically advanced Chateau in the snowy and icy Swiss Alps. This map is quite large and asymmetrical. It enables you through the many rooms and nooks and crannies a tactical approach.

- Size: Medium
- Construction: twisty

Nuk3town (DLC)

The popular Nuketown Map is also available in Black Ops 3. The small town is kept very futuristic in this part of the shooter and provides you many angles and spaces for quick play. Here it comes, as in any part of the series, very fast here.

- Size: Small
- Type: Linear
- The DLC map Nuk3town will not be available for Xbox360 and PS3.

Black Ops 3: Awakening Maps

The DLC Awakening for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 brings four new maps for the multiplayer mode. Here your thrusters are called back, because the maps are designed for the new movement possibilities.

Gauntlet: Military Training Centre, which enables a variety of movement possibilities and thus many different approaches in the fight. Here you move through three different landscapes, ranging from the jungle, over Arctic areas, up to the big-city scene.

Splash: Splash is one of the most eye-catching maps in Black Ops 3 Awakening. It is an abandoned water park with slides and other attractions. Here you get the chance to prove your underwater combat capabilities.

Rise: In Rise your thrusters are neat to be used, because this map is designed for many tactics and enriches the jumping and movement artists among you. However, it offers good opportunities to move between Snowscapes also for friends of the classic fight.

Skyjacked: If you remember Hijacked in Black Ops 2, you shall have an approximate idea of Skyjacked in Awakening. New movement system added and already you have an improved version of the most popular maps from CoD.

These modes make the new maps more exciting

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you have many modes to choose from. In addition, you can, as usual, choose between two different types of game: Normal and Hardcore. Not every mode on Hardcore playable, but it is not excluded that for the hardcore gamers fulfill other modes. The following list tells you which modes CoD: Black Ops 3 includes:

- Team Deathmatch: Achieve with your team a certain number of points - on each map playable.
- Free For All: Here everybody against everybody
- Search & Destroy: Defend or destroy your opponent's goal. If you die, you get back only next round.
- Domination: Take to all ingestible areas. There are three of them.
- Position: Keep the position at a certain point, after you have taken it.
- Demolition squad: Attacking team must destroy two bombs.
- Capture The Flag: Get the enemy flag and bring it to your base.
- Launch Confirmed: Team Deathmatch with the addition that you collect the opponent’s Dog tag.
- Weapons game: For each killed enemy you unlock a stronger weapon. The strongest who holding in his hand first, wins.
- Uplink: Bring a drone into enemy uplink station.
- Escort: Accompanied a robot into enemy territory. Whoever arrives first, wins.

Hardcore game modes

- Team Deathmatch
- Free for all
- Search & Destroy
- Capture the Flag

In all Hardcore modes you have a limited HUD and less health. In addition, the team shooting is enabled.